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Ummm I draw manga and one day hope to be good enough to publish =D And I love to cosplay, whee!
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@The_mad_one: in weird metaphorical plushie cat land, yes
~Words of the Storyteller~

Children are fragile creatures, aren’t they?
[[See, better art. I promised.]]
Revamp soon to come
Hello, it's been... Far too long, I'm afraid. By now I'm sure many have given up on this comic, and I don't blame them. But I've been going through a lot over the past year. That includes getting past a suicidal stage in my life, which I'm glad to say is over and long dealt with.
So, I'm returning now. This is an old page I forgot to post, but from the next page onwards, the whole thing is going to be redrawn fresh because the old pages I had sketched look quite awful compared to the art I have now.
To those who are still around, thank you.
Call me a bad person but at this point I feel like she's just being a huge vampire drama queen >:I
This is why the forest totally sucks balls in Gold and Silver.
^ Right next to him in the seat, duh.
Well, unlike Ash's Pikachu this one actually evolves into a NOT annoying pokemon <3

IT'S A LOSER (aka Jacob!)!
Hey, I just wanna say, I have no idea what this is a fan comic of. But despite that, I'm still loving it. The art, the expressions, and personalities are keeping me hooked o -o
Her being Lauren.
Even if you all knew it would be a Pichu, Jacob didn't.
You guys are both wrong! It's going to be Rainbow Dash! Pshaw.
It woke up!
Jacob is confused!
It hurt itself in it's confusion!
I'm going to be asking to get my pokemon comic reviewed here once I get chapter 1 finished up 8D
Wasn't trying to be egotistical, I just havn't been able to find any other examples that don't use those cliches. I'll re-word it, then.
Ok, decided to at least finish this review before I left.
I may or may not be able to return to reviewing, right now I'm not sure.
I just moved into a condo and I'm looking for work, and struggling to make ends meet by selling my art.
Sorry for the lack of cute character doodles, as I really didn't have time to draw anything up. That's how crammed I am.
Anyways, keep in mind an F is from american school grading systems. This doesn't mean the comic is utter crap, as it's still around 50% ok, 5/10 being rather average for a score. This comic needs work, but it's not so bad that it needs to be trashed. Just making that clear.

PS: I forgot to mention that running into a shiny pokemon super early in an adventure is practically a mary sue move of pokemon. I know in the comic it was explained that it's not really THAT rare as the game makes it, and that's ok, but definately show more of this if that is the case. Working with shiny and legendary pokemon in ANY fan comic is a very risky move to take.

Comic can be seen here:

I would also like to add some examples of making a character/story interesting.
The cliche character is usually an intelligent, brave, and good hearted person who will be a hero and has some 'reason' for being in the world they appear in.
Try throwing some fast balls at the readers. Go against the cliche. Make the character a jerk, or make them completely clueless, have them get sucked in for no real reason, or for something so silly that it's just plain odd.
Like, say someone teleported a person into their own world just because they wanted to summon a minion to make them a sandwich. It could make for a more interesting story simply because it's bizarre and it could cause a unique conflict that is far more interesting than the cliche of a chosen hero.
Like, the person summoned to make a sandwich can't get back home and they have to find some way to convince this obviously overly lazy and bossy person who wants a sandwich to send them back.

That's just a silly example, of course.

Try to find the cliches and go against them. Some cliche is good, but don't rely on it.

If you want to take comic making seriously, I would suggest the book "Making Comics" by Scott McCloud.
Look who's baaaack!
I got my tablet repaired, but then I had to move so that caused a big delay, along with setting up the internet because the providers in the new area were a little bit bleh.
EITHER WAY, sorry for all the delays, let's get some pokemon out there!!

Our mysterious trainer now has a name!
Jacob sounds like he's coming to as well.
Gasp, could this be the PLOT?!!
Ok, I'm really really sorry but I wont be able to do reviews anymore. It's become clear to me that if I can't even find time to draw my OWN comics, there's no way I can keep up with reviews.
I'm swamped with commissions, and I'm the assistant director of an abridged series group on youtube, plus I've gotten into some minor voice acting stuff.
I'm really sorry, I loved reviewing when I had the time for it, I hope I wont be too missed though since I've been gone for a long time anyways.
I enjoyed working with you guys in the past.
I think toys can only talk to each other, and the rabbit never actually moves, he always gets moved around by other things.
If he does move, it's very minimally. Such as this page, where his head just SLIGHTLY turns, but he can't fully move and get up.