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I spend most of my time drawing or reading (usually stuff that has to do with the Victorian Era, mental disorders, insane asylums, and/or lesbians. If you have any book suggestions, that�d be awesome. I�m always up for it!)
My outfits are a little out there. I really like lolita clothing. I wear a lot of corsets and mini hats.
I�m a dork who goes to anime conventions and I cosplay. ^^; My favourite characters to dress up as are Sailor Mars, Ash Ketchum, Luka Megurine, and those nurses from Silent Hill.
Music is a big part of my life. My friends usually have no idea what I�m talking about when it comes to music and I get called a hipster a lot� even though I really don�t think these bands are very �hipster.� You tell me. I enjoy Rasputina, Emilie Autumn, Cake Bake Betty, The Dresden Dolls, Jack off Jill, and Evelyn Evelyn.
I love animals WAY too much, especially cats. You�re going to think I�m crazy, but I have 11 �special needs� cats. C=
In the fall, I�ll be starting college� but I honestly have no idea what to do with my life at this point.
Also, I watch too much Twilight Zone.
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Drawn by BR-remix on Deviantart
Drawn by BR-remix on Deviantart
first comic with Carmen and Ashleigh
Art Trade with BR-Remix on DeviantArt.
What if Rin and Ren meet her character, Forsythia and Xavier.
This is Old
From June 30, 2009.
... I'm working on fixing the size.
sorry just deal 4 now

personally i hate the art change no offense not my taste. i really liked the way they were drawn b4. it's an interesting style. =/

OMG sasuke and naruto! D=
I LOVE SASUKE! HE"S MINE! if any1 knows me i'm a HUGE sasuke fan.
iluvsasuke4 is my username 4 like everything! I'm not afraid 2 admit i'm a fangirl! if u think i'm crazy then fuck u!
well, i'm sure if i no that manga or not, but i no Yuki is in a manga called Gravaition! I LOVE IT! the whole manga is like totally just about rockstars and gay guys getting 2gether... but it's stil amazing! xD lol
I like myspace. hate facebook...kinda a long story

anyways, even tho people online may like kyle most people online HATE me!

i get a ton of hate mail it's great! (mostly on gaia) Fuck u
omg that's great! chirs crocker is so funny... xP
HOORAY Linkin park is like one of my favorite bands! green day is good 2, just linkin park is better! xP


=/ kyle's hair keeps changing colors! it's confusing!
happy easter!
i LOVE her outfit!!! =]
cutting again?
is kyle ever going 2 have emo hair again? i loved his emo hair..=/
oh well it doesn't matter
HA HA it's a fire flower from mario games! or super smash bros!

dog shit is gross 2 step in but...O_e ew
aw he's adorable!

ya...usually i forget that kyle is older than Korey...but that's what makes him kyle