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I think this particular style makes it seem more dramatic. It wouldn't suit the regular tone of the comic but for a finishing move it's perfect.
lol I just realized you made our shirts purple and green.
how come there are some letters missing in the second panel? :O
you updateded late :o soooo cute though >w<
Good! I'll be waiting Yepa :D
Kalim stop being so rude to Fayte :P Fayte is so sweet and oblivious
*foams at the mouth and collapses from joy*
you're still a horrible liar. Bad. *smacks nose* :P
oh the fluff, the adorable ball of fluff XD
lol I did intend that, but I agree it looks pretty good that way :P
Darn you clucky you horrible horrible chicken XD always picking on poor Koro
quite possibly :P might be better off that way though haha.
Poor Fayte XD But you know this is all Clucky's fault. If Clucky didn't guilt trip Koro then this wouldn't have happened :P Bad Clucky.
I've said it before. Fayte is a giant ball of fail :P and I love him.