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To be honest, Im more of a writer than an artist. Im slowly planning a comic but dont expect anything great cause I have a lot of other work to do as well as stuff like that. This includes the annoying entity known as school.

Anyway, I have my own forum (the link is my website lol) which is fun and you can talk about anything. There are a few storys on there as well.

I also have a Deviant Art account... Nothing amazing but there you go.

Anyway, that shall be all for now. Bye bye.
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AHAHAHAHAHAHA this was brilliant!!! I love it!!!
WAHH!!! isnt that the woman from when Tommys dad nearly got shot???
cant choose >.< Acid Monday or MYth!!!
oooo be that another vampire... i mean davorivekur??? :3
hahaha I think shes taken a liking to Taylor :D
I SEE IT!!! =D awesome page :D
Cant see page D=
i love that last panel >.< its sooo adorable... even though ash looks terrified and picachu looks menacing :D I still love it
OMG HE CAN SEE THEIR FACES!!! what happened? how did that happen??

ooooooo :]
Name: Cal
Gender: Male
Animal: White Rabbit
Ususally wanders around after escaping from his rabbit hutch and now runs free ^.^ sometimes sneaking into peoples gardens just to see if they will feed him. Hes rather quiet. doesnt often talk much. Hes a little shy. Loves Carrots. tarlight138.jpg
something tells me that either David is staring at his building not wanting to go back or is staring at a building thinking "this isnt my place"
Isnt it Bride of the Beast???

The one next to it is Devil in a Kilt... its that story about some women with foresight or something and is forced to wed a man that they claim has no heart or soul or something...
I think I read the blurbs once...

It rings a bell *now feels like a geek*
aws the cat on his face is just soooo cute >.<

I love this page, dont call it ugly -3-

and awsome thing for the banner.

GAR right? Kamina's glasses right?

... ill look like such a fool if Im wrong :S
:O I agree Hakase Mizuki is an amazing artist!!

She is deff one of my fave artists
OMG we share a name... spelt the same too...


love this so far lol
aws >.<

love it...

glad I got to read an update of this before I went on holiday and suffer lack of internet for a week
aws, typical couple moment there lol

and yet again thanks for the sketch. Im actually in love with Jay

keep up the amazing work
ha i didnt even use google. Ive seen the cake or death one before. As for what I want......

I duno >.<

A cute sketch....

ooo... draw Cal ( and a lover which you can make up. Hows that?

this page is actually killing me. first the comic, then ur comment, then adria...