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To be honest, Im more of a writer than an artist. Im slowly planning a comic but dont expect anything great cause I have a lot of other work to do as well as stuff like that. This includes the annoying entity known as school.

Anyway, I have my own forum (the link is my website lol) which is fun and you can talk about anything. There are a few storys on there as well.

I also have a Deviant Art account... Nothing amazing but there you go.

Anyway, that shall be all for now. Bye bye.
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AHAHAHAHAHAHA this was brilliant!!! I love it!!!
WAHH!!! isnt that the woman from when Tommys dad nearly got shot???
cant choose >.< Acid Monday or MYth!!!
oooo be that another vampire... i mean davorivekur??? :3
hahaha I think shes taken a liking to Taylor :D
I SEE IT!!! =D awesome page :D
Cant see page D=
OMG HE CAN SEE THEIR FACES!!! what happened? how did that happen??

ooooooo :]
Name: Cal
Gender: Male
Animal: White Rabbit
Ususally wanders around after escaping from his rabbit hutch and now runs free ^.^ sometimes sneaking into peoples gardens just to see if they will feed him. Hes rather quiet. doesnt often talk much. Hes a little shy. Loves Carrots. _starlight138.jpg
something tells me that either David is staring at his building not wanting to go back or is staring at a building thinking "this isnt my place"
Isnt it Bride of the Beast???

The one next to it is Devil in a Kilt... its that story about some women with foresight or something and is forced to wed a man that they claim has no heart or soul or something...
I think I read the blurbs once...

It rings a bell *now feels like a geek*
aws the cat on his face is just soooo cute >.<

I love this page, dont call it ugly -3-

and awsome thing for the banner.

GAR right? Kamina's glasses right?

... ill look like such a fool if Im wrong :S
:O I agree Hakase Mizuki is an amazing artist!!

She is deff one of my fave artists
OMG we share a name... spelt the same too...


love this so far lol
aws >.<

love it...

glad I got to read an update of this before I went on holiday and suffer lack of internet for a week
aws, typical couple moment there lol

and yet again thanks for the sketch. Im actually in love with Jay

keep up the amazing work
ha i didnt even use google. Ive seen the cake or death one before. As for what I want......

I duno >.<

A cute sketch....

ooo... draw Cal ( and a lover which you can make up. Hows that?

this page is actually killing me. first the comic, then ur comment, then adria...
Welcome Back!!! Hope you are all better

nice page

kinda sad though