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Duuur not doing much - working on a collab that may be out come mid-august.
Going on hols for a week on 31st july for my 18th.
Starting Uni sep 8th (i think) so then i reaaally wont be as active pff

But just pm me or something if your desperate for me =u=
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S-SOB Aaid i miss you~ xDD <33
And look who's talkin' yo~ ;D
crayooon~ >u<
PFFF this is so cute ;u; <3
d-duuur wow D: herro stranger LMAO i, totes forgot about smackjeeves cause of stupid college D:
AND HEY 2 years later your still going 8D
you go girl holy cow <3
This, is so cute xDD
keep em coming ;D
August 7th, 2010
Oh pfff~ <33
This is a adorable =u=

(bah and sorry i was gone *x* i forgot to say i was going on hols for my 18th... or maybe i did? eh idk - well now you know)
Sob ty =u= <33
Waaah hiyooo *u*
Name: Rhubarb (no, really - he was gunna be a mew xDDD)
Nickname(s): Roo, Kanga ;D
Age: 16
D.O.B: 23rd july (pff creation date)
S/U: ...he'll cross that bridge when he gets there...
Height: 5'7"
Species: Jerboa (rodent)

Personality: Pretty timid/shy of strangers, however is pretty affectionate towards those he's used to. (although when it's a large group of people he'll always want to run)
He does appreciate company, he just doesn't really know how to approach people. Also a bit of an insomniac - attempts to avoid winter entirely by sleeping =.=" Also a vegi. Yep.

Likes: Warmth, security, socializing, nuts (hurf) ... uh... etc?

Dislikes: Cold, lack of sleep, direct sunlight (commence "nuuuuhs" if that were to occur) meat... etc~

I think i should add more really but it's like 01:54am and i cant see anything wrong atm, hurf~
A-also, i think i outa let you know - UK so uh, may be slow in replies to comments but yeah =u="
I'll shut up now...
July 24th, 2010
And who said bunnies were innocent? hurfhurf~
pfffff for some reason i thought that was a whip he was holding at first xD""
I like his shoes *u*

pssst also i accepted and have mine readyyy just need permission pff (unless things have changed? - haven't used this in ages xDD")
derp o3o
I just noticed i'd gotten an invite to this group D:
Would it be alright to accept still or shall i just watch? xD""
(i don't wonna p*** people off)
awwwh bless him x3
*v* shiny blue ribbooonn
lmao yaay~
And yes! Get yo fag right 'ere bby~

ahaha MAN xDD
Yeah, here's the line for lute's replacement Tea!
I'll colour it later and swap x3
So here goes:

Name: Tea (ask him for his real one xD)
Age: 19
S/U: Personally his personality's more of a Ume LOL 8D"" But, he's good at being seme if it's fluff x3
Likes: makin cakes :9, work (lol wut?) cleanliness, eh the odd porno mag and his big bro x3
Dislikes: eating sweet things, idiots, brutes, mobs (lol etc XD) his older sister (she scares him oxo)
Personality: Likes to think of himself as a gentleman, and enjoys dressing "nicely". He does believe in etiquette, as well as hard work.
He's both a student studying english, as well as working at a coffee shop his parents were gunna get rid of.
Although he's almost always tired, he's the type to always make time for you x3

ALSO: he loves his wonky Tea pot, leave it beee xD
Ahahaaa~ i can't do this cause i'm not much of a fan of celebrities and i know no-one's names XDD

But very sweet x3
I have a new OC to add too 8D (in place of lute - he got a girlfriend whom he loves dearly) yay fun tyme :9
lolol you guys xD
LMAO! Nams: he'd get so prissy xD and be all "nyuuuu >.<"

Kit: Wrry? D:
bawwww my school/college (well pretty much america's high school equivilent) *cough* is the same D':
I'm having to do this next to midnight xD which sucks ;n;

And yes! No more blue for a while, he got bored of it xD

(i'm actually always having purple in my hair so yeaaah XD)
Remember me? Probably not >.<"
I wasn't that popular but eh xD"
YES i was the dork who only used MS Paint xD
*has SAI now*
But eh yeah, oh, yeah, he went natural (hair colour) a while ago and uhm yeah... HIS STUPID BROTHER IS BOOTED OUT CAUSE I SAY SO LMAO!

uhm uhm

(well, he was meant to be versatile... but eh XD)

I'll shut up now oxo"
I...feel so guilty D:
Even though i must've been like the only one who wasn't popular, or even had a love interest LOL ngggh

BUT i'll be posting again 8D i MUST xD because this place made me have a VERY happy life ^u^

so uh yeah... AND HE'S VERY CUTE BTW D: *just rambled*
LOLOL! Ahh lizzz~ <333 lmao xD

Hihi kit~
Because Liz told me to
Eh, rather than picking a random celeb to taint my... virgin and a half, i'd rather... just revamp the kiddie picks, seeing as the original sucked XD

Uhmmm, if you can't remember, Ty's on the left and older, Lute's on the right (taller but younger)

And... eh D:
Hi guys OTL
I'll... colour this later or something...
clozi likes his butt :9

LOL i can see the improvemeeents~
Spesh clothes wise <333
eh D: i hate celelbrities LOL xD

HELLO I'M ALIVE AND SORRY! i thought this place died and forgot to check back... and...
I kinda got pre-occupied w/ collage and tegaki OTL
(username on there is clozi-lolwut if you wonna know)