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Done forever. Thanks a ton for sticking with this guys!! C-':

Obviously, there'll be no more updates, but if you ever want to see more doodles and whatnot related to this comic be sure to keep an eye on the tag over at my blog.
@Koakuma: A lot, but never to this extent. :-B NO YOU DIDN'T.

@Parkchester: Oh gosh. Thank you so much!! That means a lot to me. You don't even know. I'm glad I can end it knowing it left a positive mark on someone. C-':
There he is!
Haha, where did you guys think you saw him on the last page? Because he actually wasn't on there.

So yeah, this chapter was weird, but it was fun. This whole comic was weird but fun, and I regret nothing. Well, I'd redo some things if I had enough time, but I'm not going to fret over it. Though I do feel a little bad for not continuing since there's still so much to explore~ so much more character development to be done and stupid stories to tell. But I'm ready to move on to something different. Like I said before, this comic was an experiment more than anything, and now I'm ready to move on to some slightly more serious projects. I hope you guys enjoyed it for the most part! Thanks a ton for reading!!

Oh, and this is the last comic page, but not the last update. There'll be one more on Sunday so stay tuned till then! :-D
This is the last chapter so it's imperative that destruction be over exaggerated. Most of that's the ceiling. And, Lenny! You're ruining everything! This is the part where your rival breaks down and you learn about her horrible childhood or something, then you become BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. You're doing it wroooooong!!

P.S. Sunny's hidden in the rubble somewhere. Can you find him?!
That didn't last long.

Laziest backgrounds ever. :-D
@Fang Shinobi: pfff, I fixed that but I guess I forgot to save it as a jpg. . .oops. Thanks!!

@happyhero: You and so many others. That's when I realized I needed a style change. Thanks a ton! That really means a lot. C-':

@Rivermallow: She's still processing the situation.
Robocat, I choose you!! Why does she even carry a laser headed robot cat in her backpack anyway? Mickey, you're weird. You should be friends with Sunny considering you're one of the few people who can stand him. I was actually considering making a spin off comic revolving around those two at one point. If I do ever go through with that I'll try to stop giving Mickey so many closeups. Haha, I don't know why I did that so much in this chapter.

@Thorn-Zenithar: Both! The last page of this chapter is the last page of this comic. I'm pretty much done after this. You can read the whole spiel on Ch3:05.

@tsubasa-myuu: That's why I don't shorten it. . .But it HAS to end~ everything has to eventually. But I'm glad you've enjoyed it! Maybe you'll enjoy some of my future projects as well. C-:
@Shlaraki: Aww, you have no idea how happy that makes me. Thank you. C-':
Oops. I kind of forgot it was Sunday. Probably because I'm so excited that I'm almost done with THE LAST PAGE. That means I'll start updating on Wednesdays too now.
I like drawing bushes.
Montage time!

Have any of you guys ever been shocked by a joy buzzer? I've always wondered what that felt like.
I got lazy with the faces on this page. :-D

Anyway, I've got finals all this week followed by a week-long trip, so the next two pages will be queued. Just a heads up in case it screws up and the next two pages end up submitting on the wrong days/weird times.
@Cheesecake for Everyone: I just looked it up, and I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Haha, thanks a ton! I never thought anyone would ever say that, so that really means a lot. C-': I just assume everyone "reads" this for the pretty colors.

@Lompsfairy: I never thought anyone would say that either. Thank you!!! C-':
Acrapjklsajflkacrapsjflascrapfjla HORRIBLY PREDICTABLE.

Oh, and happy Easter and junk. Try not to get diabetes.
@Taseli: It does when it's the SAME exact expression I just used. You can if you practice! :-D
Don't spread rumors Quin, it's not nice.

I am the worst writer ever.
Don't you love how that one panel is almost the exact same as one from the previous page? Or at least Mickey's face does. . .I'm getting lazy. . .