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Hey guys. Like it says, until the end of November, I'll be out of business, due to the time consuming play practice for the Mythological Olympiaganza (it's actually a quite hilarious play). I'm really sorry, I feel awful. ]:
I haven't even had much time to read the webcomics I'm following.
Hopefully my English AP teacher will chill down soon and stop throwing so much homework at us.
ANYWAYS, thank you to everyone who stuck around. I love and appreciate all of your views and comments and it means so much to me. I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment. ]:
Oh my gosh, you're back! It's so beautiful ;u;
How can you be hungry when you have this DELICIOUS DELICIOUS UPDATE?! :D
There is something magical about shitty cars. They just have... character :]
Oh goshles, I am so incredibly bad at drawing cars. And trucks. Had to use a reference from google and Grape_Stock at dA.
I was thinking about how Hal HAD to have a car to have made it to Indiana, so what would he have? Then I passed a hideous truck in the parking lot later on, with the bumper fixed on with duck-tape, and I knew his destiny.
And Sven? Of course he'd have one of those fancy Volkswagens.
Oh, and of course, I'll probably make this page look a lot better later on in life. At this point I'm more concerned about getting through the damn story, or at least the first effin' chapter.
I think I've finally decided where I'm going with this :]
Oh Hal, how did you get a bra? Even he doesn't know.
It keeps happening
Ah, I'm late doing this comic again. Craaap. I'm just so busy being in this play I'm in, and also Chorus, and also AP English
I myself am wondering where the hell I am going with this, haha. It once had a purpose, but it changed... crap XD
I did quite enjoy telling Sven off like that. >:}
He's kind of a butt sometimes.
Better Late Than Never
Ok, redid the line-art (Thank God) August 29, 2010.
Hopefully will color soon
I need to have my turtle calibrated. He seems to be firing a little to the left.
So Issach brings us back to sanity and reason with an ironic and satirical speech! Also, I hope reading that first speech bubble didn't hurt you to read as much as it hurt me to type.
So, school started again. I'll come back and make this page pretty later. For now, exhaustion ensues.
Edit- 9-6-10 Went back in and fixed the lineart and colored it... so, derp.
Hmm, I wonder what she's up to :0
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, guys. I'm just really not feeling this 2 update a week thing, especially since I'm starting to question my plans for the actual story. I figured we would fly through this chapter, but as I've been drawing and writing and thinking, I realize that what started out as a simple introduction for our characters has really gone off track.
Anyways, at the moment I'm feeling rather... off. So let's say instead of updates being Tuesdays AND Thursdays, let's say Tuesdays OR Thursdays, depending on what's up. Sorry to let you guys down.
I love Venture Bros!
So, uh, a day late, but hey, it's here. I had lots of trouble with the Hand-Man Shake panel, but I used a ref from a lovely fellow here.
Ah, this is getting way too silly. I need to get back to serious land. This chapter is so unnecessary, it's not even funny. I mean, I'll keep the humor in the chapters coming up but shit starts getting real-er.
Edit: Forgot Sven's stupid makeup again. =_=
I didn't think you were being mean or anything, it's true! Hal is a pretty excitable dude C:
Hehe, I just couldn't pass up the joke
Pfft, Ketchup... oh god, I just typed Ketchup, wtf... PEPPER is like "WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN"
Cliffi brought this up and I noticed it myself. Hal seems pretty emotional, but if you think about it...
Hehehe, I'm not just teasing the yaoi readers, but also myself. When I first started OutSpoken I really had planned on it being a stupid yaoi, but it evolved into something much more complex, though you don't really see the complexity in the first chapter (sorry, haha).
This extra page does not count as your update, so expect the "real" page later on today. :3
Edit: Ah, that frame is annoying ]:<
Edit2: Ok, got rid of the border.
@cliffi: He thought he was going to have to be an amateur hobo. :P