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I'm a girl who is often mistaken for a boy and I'm short...That just about sums up my life...
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Latest Page?!!
WHAT?! NO!! I caught up!!
This can't be happening! D:

I find Ian more...attractive when he's got his hair ungeled! :D Love it!
Can't wait for more! XD
Love, love, Love it!
I love this! XD
I wish I could buy it! ^^
But I guess I'll just have to stick with stalking your DA! XD Just kidding!

Poor Tony...D: He always lands on his face...

(Love Mr. Scales, All grown up and read to eat us XD)
Can I use these in Amazement? All credit goes to you!
It's gotta be Mute!
Shard has my vote~!
What about Logan?
You know! If you want i could fit you into my comic? Thats if you want!!