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My hobbies include art and writing.
I like boys love, adventure, violence, gore, drama, and romance.
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i guarantee that cart is going to go flying
I'm so excited about this comic. I love the art and it's seeming like it's going to be a very interesting story! I'm especially excited to see what you do with Ganon and Zelda. Keep up the good work!
ellis' little frown is so cute hahaha
another great page
I wait on pins and needles for every update. sometime i refresh 5 times a day just to see if there's a new page. i love this comic so far and all of its creepy subtleties. i cant wait to see what happens!
ireally love how sublte all the creepiness in this comic is. It's sad, unsettling, and sometimes funny but its so creepy.
i pretty much went ububububu at the screen because that is adorable
can i just steal your talent for hands, please?
also, this page is just unf. i love the art.
This page is so lovely
You have a really terrific art style and the characters really seem to live. I love the comic so far! :>
Okay, sex aside, the way these past two pages have been drawn are just amazing. You are very good at expressing emotion through facial expressions.
Oh dear god I am crying from laughter. The faces on this pages are hysterical X"D
I love your paneling. It's very creative and interesting and it keeps my focus. I'm really loving your comic so far and I'm excited to see where it goes.
My excitement is so intense it is almost tangible.
oh god this page made me giggle like a monkey on speed. :"D
sdfdgjkfhj this page is so goddamn cute I can barely contain myself! *U*
This is my new favorite webcomic :"D
Klaus why are you such a sexy beast?
my bird used to do the exact same thing to me. hsjfhjkgk your art is so cute
Pip is such a babe