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Two people own this account, one is a girl, Traca, who enjoys the reading of comics rather than creating them.
Then theres Ninjx, a boy who does his best to become a good spriter.

Traca: hi.
Ninjx: Um, Traca?
Why'd you write hi?
Traca: Why not?

For any who will read this, and those who will, I will, to the best of my ability, put my name before each comment, very much as the funny little conversation between Traca and I had. This is Ninjx, btw, so, for those who see me comment, if you do not see "Ninjx:" before it, know it's Traca.
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I know I shouldn't trust him, but I'd honestly kinda like it to be that the Good Side (tm) company is terrible while the Bad Side guy is actually kind-hearted
Sad to see this end but I'm glad it's getting a sequel sorta... like Grease 2 sorta sequel! XD

This story opened my eyes to other religions I'd never gotten to see back when I was a teenager. It was how I learned what a hijab was, what kosher foods were, and I just want to sincerely thank you for that.

It might take me some time to get into the reboot (I mean it took me a month just to remember this comic ^^; whoops), but I wish you all the luck with it and hope life treats you well.
A+ Biology work there, Giovanni! Totally nailed it!
(Oh my gosh that thing looks gruesome as heck I love it)
Maybe the bourbon was Dionysus saying he didn't like the idea of you doing this to Hephestus. XD
Or he liked the idea. You can never tell.
It's aliiiiive! And you're going to try for an Espeon yay!

Good job! Can't wait for more updates! :D
January 7th, 2015
It's back!!!
YAAAAAAAAAY!!! *rereads entire thing*
I made this back in '12, and this sprite reminded me of it. I made it to be in a short animation about Rock fighting Slendy, robot master-style, and gave Slendy a basic moveset.

If you'd like to know, here's a quick explanation of each box:
1 - The idle poses I thought up... If I remember correctly, I ended up using the one in the lower-right hand corner.
2- I never actually planned on using this, just a bit of a leftover from the preliminary sprites.
3- Meant to be a long-range attack, Slendy would send out a tentacle to attack Rock. Pretty simple.
4- Meant as one of those annoying attacks where the boss just flies to the middle of the screen, and the trees would pop up randomly in the ground below you. (also btw, I don't believe I made those trees, I think I just edited them.)
5- Meant as an attack Slendy would use if the player got to close.
6- My depiction of Slendy's slenderwalking (for those unawares, the mysterious process by which he teleports). Done left-to-right for disappearing, left-to-right for reappearing.
Kathy, you seem like you're the one holding the group together, keeping everyone happy. (and messing with Bruce but hey, someone needs to do it) Because of this, do you think that the crimson virus could effect you? Or would your connection with your trainer and the rest of the team prevent it from taking you over?

Also, Randy, do you ever do sign language or try to communicate in any way? Also you're way too adorable!
Just read your Emerald Nuzlocke. I kept thinking that there was a previous PMD nuzlocke I'd missed because I didn't think you could go from normal to Mystery Dungeon in the same plot. I'm glad I was wrong! :D
So now this page makes a ton more sense!!!
Did Terry lose her birthmark from evolving? Maybe it hasn't been there for a while, but I just remembered lol. Maybe Batman stole it XD
Wormy II looks so epic now! XD Though I do hope he gets his sense back and gets happy again...
Well, also, for the unfurnished or otherwise unmade rooms, will anyone tell me what they'd want t'put in it if I started a news post?

No, not actually. I sent him a PM asking if I could include his character, and he didn't respond, so I used it anyways.

@Zmanwarrior: Was that a joke or not?

Anyways, I was nearly dozing off, so I didn't put the "or if you live somewhere else" thing. Still, TURKEYS!
Happy Thanksgiving
Hello authors!

Well, i've been bust the last couple of days working on this, SO APPRECIATE IT.

On that note, all of you have a good time wether or not y'have a Thanksgiving festival, and lets hope we get past December first!

Thank you, and goodwill!
@ccv: Well, T'put it simply, The creator of these "sucky" sprites is essentially one of the gods of spriting.
Yep. First Harp, then Fef. The only one I didn't do was Phant. Never liked 'im too much. Might get to Levy. Someday.

I dunno. Not bad, but...

Tall. But that's okay.
Yeah. I still think Toad Man is incredible.
Well, I set Toad Man to stand there for a bit longer.
The sheet's comin' soon. The Toad rises.