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I love drawing, art, comics and games.
Happy Birthday! Don't get too drunk! :P
"You are peaceful and musical. Usually, you're relaxed, slow-paced, and steady. Sometimes, however, you get a bit tough. Your life revolves around rhythm and music. Generally, you are calm and relaxed."

Sounds like me xP.

I just finished your comic up to this point and it is very good! Can't wait to see more from you <3
September 14th, 2009
The last panel makes me giggle so hard. xD Its a 5 headed, 8 legged, sexy mushed together boy monster!
I tried to twist my hand like his for about a minute and realized he was too awesome for me.
Lovely back lighting, Nice use of texture, and glowiness is always a plus <3 xP
*watches the soccer ball fly by*
OooOoo looking good so far. The coloring is pretty~
Dead Sexy
Lovin it.
*hits you with a very soft downy feather that is soft* Twas a good ending to a good story~ Can't wait to see more from you.
Y Hallo thur randum pplz
love the comic so far :3 ~~~~
Looks good so far! Congrats on the animator education :).
I found out about your comic from Yassa. I am very impressed~ Go Diann!
Hehe looks good so far~ *favs* xD
aaahhaha xD. This comic is awesome. Also lol @ Niah. That was a good one xD
I love her look of shock. Keith is defiantly one in a million. xD
You're art is so beautiful and I love the comic. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see more <3