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xD that's awes0me REALLY like yur comic style :3

@Shizukumaru: Sorry but we can't accept authors anymore >///< we actually have enough members sorry. Our authors right now have just been busy with school etc. to update.

again sorry D=
okay i finally found some time to finish this page ^^'
i'm really trying to get this chapter done >///<

but i'm s0rry f0r saying i'll be posting more pages,but yu -__-
i finally thought of a story :D

this is a short story of how Yoshino came into Yuuku Gakuen. So the school she's in, in this page is her OLD school. ^^'

EDIT:: Makoto is Yoshino's last name


haha she looks cul x3
XD nice page :D

Really like yur toning
and the Takanori's expression in the 3rd panel :D

lol i agree with Venom-Master >:3 let have the comic have it's first ....battle? XD
wow so that's why he wears a hat XD
new pagess XD
really like yur toning here @___@

I need to make pages tu >/////>
Page 14 :D

.... i failed in the 2nd panel D=
but i tried ;___;

justs when i thought i would be posting more pages of this, school is now about tu start over here D=

but i'll try my best tu draw them out thou ^^'

but hope yu like it! :D
December 28th, 2009
so-sorry for the l0ng wait
but page 13 is finally here!!! :D
i'm hoping tu post moar paged
and i will! lol

well enjoy ^^
LOL Niji xD

Awesome!! Takanori is here! >:D
December 11th, 2009
I finally got a chance to draw this page out XD
November 28th, 2009
XD l0l my style changed once again! ^^'
thou i w0nt be redraw everthing again.
I've been practicing my toning and i used a tutorial on DeviantArt to make this page look how it is =D

hope yu like it and S00000 s0rry f0r not upl0ading
*has been pretty busy* >///<
thnks yu guys
so cul o.o

yur toning is amazin :3
aw she luks cute :3

I wanna draw her owo

owo awesome

Love the last panel XD
End :D
ha ha ^^'

Time for Plan B XD haha
I keep forgetting to upload this >//<
This is actually my 1st drawing of Yoshino ^^'
@Venom master: well it'll depend since we all mostly have different time tones. Where i'm at i would usually get on at 2pm and get off and on whenever ^^'
We are allowed to post up fillers :3

heh i need tu draw m0re of 0ur characters ^^'