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I'm a counter-quarter-clockwise upside down left-upside right of a diagnal hypoteneuse of a mexican triangle at five am, hung-over and full of haggis... Gerdil?

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Bread by the gallon.
This is something i'm likely to revisit in one form or another.
Black letter slacks break brown 'n black facts.
Oh, sorry.
I left my wallet in el segundo.
I still don't remember drawing this.

Also the first panel so looks like you drew it.
December 30th, 2010
No one says that but you.

And thats because you're always late.
I was going for a large indistinguishable black mass, but that works too.
I'm 80.1% sure this joke has been done before.
Be safe kids!
I came up with the script in case anyone wanted to know.
Gasp!!! I are Shocked.
I bet that really hurt his Coccyx.
Yeah yeah, I love that song....Snake Eater right!?!
I was also in that movie....Fame!
Fskin brilliant.
So good...Kudos to you my good Sir.
But then how can we make money off it!
Hay Brent!
Isn't that the title to a 1985 American teen film written and directed by John Hughes? Perhaps we should make it The Breakfast Group or The Breakfast Association?