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What I like: Drawing, roleplaying, watching anime, having an obscurely unrealistic relationship with my computer, eating chow mein. YUM. x3

What I don't like: Having to go to work and deal with ignorant people who think I control giant corporations. D; I wish!
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He looks scary and orcish. D;

I'd be up for a contest! =3
You tell him, Peep!
Yay, so much Henry~
He's so adorable. x3
September 23rd, 2008
Wow. I'm insanely excited for new pages. xD And from the previous page, I've always wondered why Ash was allowed to go out at ten and I wasn't even allowed to take the bus by myself at that age. >>;;
And I can name all those pokemon~! x3 I want a Wartortle and Syther. : D
My comment went over board. Oops. xP
xD I'm glad everyone likes the censor bar. That was the easiest part. xPP

@Maru: Don't question the laws of yaoi! xD His clothes just...fell off. Yeah. xD
Na na na na, Bat-Bear!
This took me forever to colour and I tried really hard to make it look good, so I hope you like it! nn;;; Yes, Yuu's clothes have changed. I tweaked some things and I got annoyed with drawing that bandage over his eye. xP And Bat-Bear makes his appearance! I want a teddy bear like that...
Also...the flow doesn't make too much sense...or maybe that's just me. xD I just wanted to draw Yuu very uke-esque. x3
Yay! Cloe is back~ x3 I missed you! <3 Poor Richard's all embarrassed~ Hehe.
I'm envious of your manga too! D; Wait plane! Come back! Take me with you!!
He's so pretty~ x3
Cuuute~ x3

Don't feel too tall Nia! I'm 5'7... o-o;;;
I love this page. It's a very nice ending. After poor Caeser crying it gives you a feeling that everything's okay again.
Yay update! x33
Welsher better not shrug the bruise issue off! D:
Gah! I love him! x33 And I want boots like that...
;_____; But I liked Yurue! Where'd he go!? D;
Hehe. They both look so cute in the first panel. x3 I don't know who is cuter. D; I like Jordan 'cause he looks like a bookworm though~
Oh no, someone stole his pants! o=
I love the last panel. I don't know why. Maybe I have a thing for islands...Actually, I like the last three panels alot. xP The water and sky look pretty...and stormy. And now I shut up! : D;;
I am voting! D;
xD I like the way you think!
He just needs a uke to cheer him up! >3
Puppy! : D He doesn't look happy to be moving in. xP