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I like to read, write, and draw. I plan to be a novelist and a graphic designer. I like to hang out with friends and have fun. :)
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awesome! Keep it up
This story is so good.
Sorry but i don't understand why there hands are hitting in this last panel. Otherwise than me forgetting things WAHOOO!!!!
I like this page. The perspective on this page is good. Nice Job. And just to answer your question this is a page of a manga. :P
The detail in this is really good. I like the profiles nice job. The guy looks cool. Cool effect with the leaves.
The falling leaves are good. I like the way you tone it has a real comic feel to me. :D The expressions are good to. They look a little spacey hope that's not a bad thing to you.
These hands are really good. See what happens when you use pretty comic paper and are really tired. :D
January 21st, 2009
This is really good. i'm glad you started posting again. i really love this series. Hades is my favorite and he is hot. :)
Awesome crash. I love the explosion like effect. Really good hands. I love the expression on his face in the last panel. HOt alien! Where? XD
Yeah Wahoo. Deal with it. :P I love this page. Nice perspective. :)
The expressions on this page are amazing. Especially the first panel. Also nice detail on the background. Wahoo!!!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her ma is funny and really happy.
I love this picutre. The shading you did is really well. I also like the banner. And YAY its starting. Can't wait.
The coloring is really good. Your getting really good. I like the cranes they're pretty.
The tone seems good to me and i like the glass shards.
I can tell a little where you got confused but it still looks good. I love the border
i like the way you angled (sorry if this is a typo) upward on her. Its done well. And the page layout is good.
i like astria's expression. Its really good. Good foreshortening too.
That smile is perfect ITs the right mixture of evil sadistic like happiness