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I Am Jacster

(Okay, time to write something meaningful here...)

I draw, I write, and I'm working on a comic. Several comics. My brain is a TV and someone keeps switching the channels... ^_^;

I like Furry culture, yet I don't go out of my way to say so. Tried that. The results are mixed. Furthermore, I'm (supposedly) shy irl and I'm a little fidgety. I'm working on it tho.((I just don't feel the need to say anything unless it actually matters.))

In all realistic honesty, I'm a born-loser in her mid twenties that could still remember all the words to the Darkwing Duck theme song... And would be working on a fan-comic if she could draw duck-bills right.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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haha! he's better at this than he thought!

And I wondered where Bombman was, but I didn't feel like ruining the fun. XD
Well, sheesh, he's new at this! XD
You know...
... I see it in dozens of games and I don't even think about it. The whole shoes-in-bed thing, I mean. (I'm a filthy American, so I walk around in my house with shoes all the time... X3)

Your comic is so freakin' funny. The simple drawing matches the humor so amazingly well. <<... >>... *ninja-favs*
It's alright... Not many comics can go the 'cryptic-philosophical' route without losing me entirely. But I'm curious, and I find myself guessing the whole way through as I read. Reminds me of The MAXX or Aeon Flux... Not that I think your copying... ^_^;
"It was all fine until he looked behind him..."
Mega's all, "Oh noes... Now what?" XD

Action is a little hard to follow... Like, did he just punt the bomb out of Bombman's hands or something else? o_O

Other than that, nice page. :3
*reads whole page* ... Yeah, what he said. XD

I love how you draw SFX (yay, crumbling ground and smoke!), but with all of the destruction and ruin Sophie causes, it's not a surprise. Just more pure awesome to look at. *nods*
Just so long as you haven't copied all the odd tests from HxH exactly, I'm happy... ^_^;
A hand-drawn Mega-Man comic...
... that doesn't make me want to puke. You're my freakin' hero... *hugs*

Fav'd like there's no tomorrow...
I see what you did thar...
... With the mixings of plots and such. *keeps reading...*
Too, too true...

And how do you let an old man and an android step all over you like that?! XD
... Kirby's a girl in the Jap. sub of the show. Just a thought, kthx.
Alright. Just so long as you come back... ;)

Good luck!
Haha! Methinks he's got maybe TOO MANY items... XD
wow... fear the angry face... XD

I like this so far. It's expressive and different. I relate a lot with Mila as well... ^_^;
I see what you did thar...
... with the recyclings of sketchy pages that you used for past pages, and such... XD
Wow. Best morning of my life, reading your comic from about 9-10 am.


Soooo... You can open a door to a secret magical store house in any library? Or just the one's with the Grecco-roman pillars?
Yay, machine-gun butts! They stopped making those since they Americanized Astro Boy. *nods*
Omg... Akira Reference! Ca-na-DAAAAAAAAA!!
... Salty? *licks self* I thought I tasted like Fried Chicken? o-o
I ever start animating again, this scene gets a slow-mo treatment. *nods*