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Just an insane comic reviewer spirit that looks in your rooms at night.Hehehe
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@portisHeart: Has been a hermit and lack proper social interaction for years. I guess it's just easier to talk to the one in his head and not the one in the cave.
I forgot that sunny had such cool eyes. It's been years since I've seen him.
Quick question, he is a drider in this form? (half spider person)
For those of you who don't get it, his real little brother hasn't been alive for a while. Instead, Oliver makes new "litter brothers" out of the people that work for the hotel. Who they just killed was Christian and now it's Lucky's turn I guess. Or maybe I'm totally wrong.
He makes a good point, even if you don't like your condition it's better to figure things out or they'll come to bite you in the butt.
He's giving off sexual energy I'm pretty sure. Which she just took a bite of :V
Awesome new! Though you're rss feed isn't working yet ;w;
Honestly I feel like no one is in the right here. Here me out for a second Shiji still went along with the stupid bet in the first place instead of telling Naoto what was going on.

Kaoru in the wrong for treating Naoto like a prize to be one though it seems like he's doing it for his brother sake. Which is still messed up.

I can't choose a side because both of them fucked up. Kaoru just more so. :|
Dress color
@koyomu: Maybe a wine red or blood orange color would work. Or even a dark shade violet so his hair really pop. The bow could be violet or black *^*
So Herz is a magical girl? Okay sounds legit
@Guest: Quite a bit actually. You didn't notice when he first met Kaito, the guy was like "I'll help you commit suicide" :| ...yeah. He's kind of psycho.
It's all fun and games until someone is a dragon
Green and Blue what?
O_O ......Daddy?
Well for everyone with a bandage fetish will be happy. Which includes myself X3
Aww poor Susan T-T
Is it me or Does Alex seem waaay taller than before
mmm Herz seem to become more bi-polar the more I see him. I love it so much. Im guessing the only sign of affection Lunge has been giving him is painful beatings. YAY
September 26th, 2010
well by shojo logic Antonio will become A. Evil Magical Boy minion
B. Cannon Fodder aka gets hurt or kill by something
C. a good magical boy

Either way I'd still take him away to stare at like I will Raj X3
That school reminds me of the sckool from invader zim. Well let's hope there at no evil aliens in there