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I know this is slightly random, but Edward reminds me so much of Wolfram from Kyo Kara Maoh, it's so funny! =D
I just have to comment that in the last pannel, Monday's strands of hair looks like sad-puppy ears. It's very cute. Love teh comic BTW.
When was your birthday?! Mine was on the 27th!! That'd be too weird if it was on the same day!
Daylight definately, though the one with poseidon sounds good too. Upload them all mwahahaha
Marcus looks so adorbale in the first pannel!!
The song is the 'human stain' by Kamelot, right? Lol, can't wait to read more.
Brilliant, love it! post more! mwahaha!
I love your drawings.
First comment =P
Chibi Flailage = YAY! Yes i am a freak, and i LOVE your comic!!!
Awesome, keep going!!!
Hi, i recently started reading this comic and frankly i LOVE it!!! The drawing is so good and the storyline is great and i just love is. i can't wait to read the rest!!