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lots of stuff! if you want to learn more head to my DA page:
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June 23rd, 2015
Ch. 1 comes to a dark close @_@

hope you're enjoying my comic so far.
only 15 days left at the kickstarter, but still only half way towards goal~
Please give it a good push and support the Limited Artist special edition!
June 22nd, 2015
Take a look at more of my work:
June 19th, 2015
Last Update till monday!

The Kickstarter is at 607$ with 20 days left. So thats 768$ left to fund raise before the end of the campaign.

Also stay tuned for a little 'reshare' contest later for today that will run for 2 weeks before the end. If you haven't had the chance to check out the project page, please do so!

So let me know your thoughts and please support and share with others.
June 18th, 2015
His father
Hey, 21 days left so please take a look at the kickstarter to get the full updates:
June 16th, 2015
If you like my comic, please consider supporting the print run kickstarter:
June 12th, 2015
27 Days left
Its Friday!

So if you got a moment before you head off to your weekend parties and get to gathers, please take a look at my currently running Kickstarter: Oeclair -->

If you've been supporting my work and following my account, I ask that you continue in showing your support, spread the word and back the project. My goal is about 1400$ to pay for printing of the book and clear file to make a special artist edition. This KS will let me know if you all are actually interested in artist editions from me (or if I should just stick to doodles to post).

Have any comments or questions let me know. I'll be posting a video blog next week with updates and FAQ (perhaps even a contest?). Hope this is something you're interested in!
June 11th, 2015
28 Days left and ΒΌ the way there! Lets keep backing and sharing strong!

June 10th, 2015
29 Days left for the Kickstarter ! tand-alone-comic
June 9th, 2015
Have a question about Oeclair comic? not sure about the KICKSTARTER? Send me a message or leave a comment! tand-alone-comic
June 8th, 2015
Yes, Kickstarter for Oeclair is a thing!

So through out the campaigne I will be posting up the comic pages for samples! I have some other activities for you all to participate in so please take a look and spread the word with others!
approaching the end of the chapter. leave a comment and let me know what you think
3$ Print Sale
If you're interested in my illustrations and would like a print/poster/notebook then please take a look at my Deviantart Page
oops, megacon was pretty busy and since then I've been working on commissions to save for a new pc

enjoy =)
March 29th, 2010
pretty soon it'll all be caught up
March 25th, 2010
by the way, some pages are with out tone. I lost about the first 30 pages so I figured I'll just wait till I'm done with the volume to tone it all
March 24th, 2010
lol, totally forgot to update, sorry for that woke up late
March 15th, 2010
back from the con, kinda out of it but I have so much to catch up!
March 11th, 2010
I'll be at table black 13.

see you guys there, and thanks for reading!
My week:
-Burn out from preping for megacon
-Mom had to go to the emergency, shes fine
-Too slow on commissions, need to save money
-Decided not to go to metrocon, need to save money
-We finally saved money to fix our fridge, been with out it for a month now

I'll be going to Megacon on the 12th so if you're in orlando, please stop buy!

also, Preorders for my collection book is closing this friday: