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Twighlight Uprisings is a new company bursting on the comic scene providing innovative,fresh new storylines. If you like the sneak peek of my comic, The Devil's Horn and want to see more, come visit us @
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Glad you like it.
Looking forward to hearing what you think about the other issues too b/c I'm told it only gets better from here lol
Thanks. The other artist came up with that idea ^^..But how do you like the fight scenes so far?
I'm glad you're enjoy it!
But sorry about the bookmark thing, it should have been on.
Yea Maniac is one of my fav characters to write for ^^
Glad to hear it ^^
I'm really glad that you like it And you know it only gets better from here
Yea its not looking good for bullet chief!
That's if everybody is still alive when he gets there ^^
Well I guess we will have to wait and see
well he didnt make him suffer though
thats just his design, you will see his eyes in close up shots ^^
she was referring to a feeling on top of the pain as well ^^
Yea we wanted to make every character unique from their overall appearance to the way they fight
yea this is one of my fav pages too and I love how the last panel came out. I really felt I captured the movement well ^^
Thank You!
It really means alot to get recognized for my work ^^
Thank YOU.
I wanted to do something that hasn't been done to death before. So if you like it just add the comic to your favs ^^
Everyone seems to like that buzzard. Even the fans on our myspace page. I guess I will have to do a character profile for him.
Even though I am a huge fan of FMA, my partner in crime who designed the chracter never saw it. But I can see the resemblance now