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I just wanted to let you know, I have followed your comic since day one and you started this when my life was in a dark place. Ever since I encountered this comic, it has given my life purpose. I figured I would just tell you this to get it off my chest. This comic is literally the only thing stopping me from ending my own life, and you should know: if you ever stop updating, I will kill myself.

Thanks for reading!
So... I'm kinda back? There's a lot here I wanna say. I wanna apologize, I wanna beg for forgiveness, I wanna say "Oh I'll review old Comics." And I might, if no one comments, but honestly, I feel like the 2 year gap kinda said "Well we aren't taking those comics cause... Things happened." I've decided to restart this series, and give it some fresh life in my off time. I've even decided days I'll post. Tuesdays and Fridays I think for now. Two Reviews a week from me. Maybe I'll do more if I find the free time. Those of you who are still on this comic as Authors, please comment below if you wish to still be apart of the team, I will give you a week before I start removing people. It feels... Good to be back. I don't know if I'll return to my sprite days, due to time constraints and literal loss of talent, but who knows. For now, I'm sorry to everyone I've ever wronged, and I hope that we can forgive and move on. I'm not asking anyone to forgive me, or be my best friends again or anything. I've burned a lot of bridges. But Growing up, I've really done soul searching and now.. I just wanna continue this for a while. Who knows, maybe I'll throw up a patreon and I'll do this as a living? Lol, highly doubt I'd do that, seeing as this is meant to be fun, and I doubt anyone on smack jeeves would care enough. Anyway, later for now.
when does sombody fight
You need to come back when you're older, and first maybe consider doing your own thing. You're gonna grow and realize what a twat you're being right now, so maybe stop doing this while you still haven't completely burnt any bridges you might have (And it doesn't look like you have very many to begin with.)

Spamming old issues of the comic is genuinely irritating as well. I'd recommend just acting like a normal human being before you get banned from commenting all together.
favorite my comic
nice comic dude!
i miss mist
April 14th, 2018
fav my comic
it's still pretty funny
no... this is zombie arc... you must update as zombie shard
its spelled airborn
bye loser LOL