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I'm Krysta :D!
I like music, yaoi, video games, yuri, writing, and drawing. And my friends. :]!
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HE's SAD!!! MILO!!!!!
imagine having to explain that you were having sex and not fighting lol
oh plz dont tell me he raped someone :'(
maybe he's a virgin!
February 1st, 2019
gender fluid gender fluid gender fluid???
September 3rd, 2018
aw matter DOES care !
im hoping thats like.. nutella with that spray that smells like shit or something.. if not then dang chris you shameless heathen
fuck i love slow burn shit like this. fast paced romance seems so forced and unrealistic. this is real and is what really happens when you like someone. i mean sometimes it doesnt and thats good too but when its every single comic and fic it gets old. this comic is so refreshing and nice :)
if it were me id pretend to be asleep cuz im awkward so hes probably awake
July 13th, 2018
ah the hover hug lmao
July 10th, 2018
it looks so good!!!!
uhoh is it dad
im genuinely hoping that it's just fake shit. like it cant be real right??? DD: gross!
liam shouldnt beat up kids.

i wonder what howie will do hoonestly like he's forgiven liam for a lot of bad shit he's done but sooch isn't coming first anymore so idk man im nervous
1.Maine (woo)
2. KageHina from Haikyu!! is life
3. Hmmmm Evan Peters as Kylee and Nicholas Hoult as Wes and then maybe Garrett Hedlund as Kimrick??? Oh and that crazy guy who plays Dandy in AHS would be a good Rocko lool
ive been following this comic for so long i never thought it would end! congrats on the journey and i sooooo look forward to hisawa and natsu!
coffee wants to be milk's favorite :'(
hes bein a snake
he is chewing a twig. i dont think thats how it works boo.