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I'm Krysta :D!
I like music, yaoi, video games, yuri, writing, and drawing. And my friends. :]!
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hes bein a snake
he is chewing a twig. i dont think thats how it works boo.
time for sooch to make out wit howie and realize what he been missing this whole time and fall madly in love and be together forever and ...
uncomfortable in the pants maybe
AND THEN THEY KISSS although they're both weenies i bet it will be on the cheek or something really awkward is about to happen
Aqua was my life when I was 15 oh my glob
bitch spill that tea who
April 26th, 2017
i wonder wat wrroong is it anxiety or asthma or maybe hes allergic to something :(((((?? the suspense is killing meeeee
April 13th, 2017
i can see jaren in both of them haha
if this doesnt end in an experimental makeout session i will cryyyy
now enjoy your diarrhea
i feel like.. gannet could fuck that guy up
i.... ship them.
did kylee... give kim poison ivy so now theyre going to bath together that doesnt look like enough oatmeal for 2 baths.... :)))))
January 9th, 2017
sai is probably the only adult who shows him affection everytime they get lovey i wanna die please be his dad ;-;
oh. my . god. ;-; ... heart broken
there is no way for kylee to look cool whatsoever in front of kim
clapback queen kimrick
well how many has kylee been with then lmao probably none