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Hello. I am an artist. That is all.
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All you can eat
I cannot wait until Monday now. 8O
I remember back when I found out.
It was almost as awesome as when I found out Girafarig was Girafarig spelled backwards.
What a tweest. It really is a memorable day of ⑨.
Mine sometimes involve GutsMan, pudding, and a duck. Gotta stop eating cereal before bed.
September 5th, 2009
Well darn. I was looking forward to pasta flavored cake after this pizza flavored pie.
It's fun to watch as well.
Cool beans. Congrats Afrohawkman. You deserve it.
Well I'd love to join too. I've been following this comic since the start. I'm working to be good at sprites and I can do drawn comics sometimes. But that's about it really. I want to get in. But I want others to get in more then me.
I think she means a character from the comics.
Because she knows what she wants and she plans to get it. And many fans misinterpret that as whoreish.
All that black looks painful.

And Street Fighter reference for the win.
Yeah, jobs are going fast. And there are never many to begin with. And then there are automated machines. Like the auto registers. Those are always fun. Though they can never hold a conversation like customer service can.
Yes Kirby. It is very edible.
Let the party begin. :D
Other Half?
I believe the moon rotates too. So the half you're seeing is not the blown up half, but the other half. Besides, there are countless other continuity errors in Sonic we should be questioning. Like the Sonic Riders time lapse.
Cool. And he's right, fossils are magnificent! I love my Kabuto.
So wait, she stole her sisters body, stole Tooty's beauty, built a second B.O.B., and turned everyone but Mumbo into lifeless zombies?
Damn. When Grunty wants something done, she gets it done.
(Insert Bugs Bunny Pun Here) :D

Sweet. Cool. Tight. And every other one of those words.
Really cool. I think styles one and two look the coolest to me. But that's just my opinion. xD