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I am a college student / theatre rat.
The theatre is practically my home away from home. I'm also learning German.
Good stuff....
And almost done with finals. 2 more essays!
Ahaha, I'm not dead guys, I swear :'D
This semester has just been... crazy bad crazy... =A=
3 more weeks of rushing to get errything done!
Here's a page ; u ; Sorry for the wait, more to come!

Thanks for sticking with me and I love you guys.

Sorry for the long... wait guys :< School started and Im so friggin busy this semester its ridiculous and so much hate right now. ALSO Thank you for 50+ fans I am nothing without you guys TELL ME WHAT YOU'D LIKE TO SEE I will thank you that way with a special request <3

Also I burnt half my ring finger off with a glue gun today. Friggin hurts.

Nisa@ LOL that's not awkward at all.
Skittles@ Sounds like a good time :'3
Ellen@ Thank you so much ; u ; and of course you can do fanart <3
:'D Their dad. I love him. He's such a dork. =u=
but it's there :I
@tangyskittles: He'd only like an answer if it agrees with him :'D

FFFUH WHO NEEDS SLEEP ANYWAYS. Sleep is stupid :I Taking lots of heavy reading classes and project classes. One class I have to work 15 hours outside of class in the shop and another 2 I have to go see at least 6 live performances/plays
I know they just love passing out on that couch. :I the room has mood lighting. What can I say?
; n ; Kit... I almost feel sorry for you...

I started school this week and I'm getting to know my load. BAH 6 classes this semester (college courses).
Coming up on the final run for graduation! Within the next year for my BA in theatre! YESSS.
SO I'll have to be making pages after I figure out .... my load :I thanks for your patience.

On another note; GO ANTI-SOPA/PIPA! Interneters united! Good job everyone!
Oh that's very awesome! I am honestly more out of the closet on the internet. I grew up in a very Christian home and I'm still a Christian myself so it's just.. hard to come out to my family. Dx But thanks for your support and that's awesome of you too! >3

; u ; Kit... surely doesn't understand the world.
He so sad looking. ; n ;

Skittles;; Yes I'm a gay male. ;3 XD How does that make me more respectable? First time I've ever heard that. lol.
pft those kinds of jokes are great. :'3
More to life than penises cause I have my own to look it. :'D I'm a guy fyi.

:'D and hey we all sinners so whatever lol. Snot like she's going out banging hookers right after church.
Kit I told you to stop talking :I You're not helping at all.

Skittles ;; XD It's over reacting to him. :'D His mom's acting pretty normal for the situation. AND AT LEAST YOU ARE. :'3
That's what I figured. I liked the idea of traveling the neighborhood, but Sims 2 has had more time to develop custom stuff--even if Sims 3 does have penises. There's more to life than penises ;u; also very awesome on the successful install!
Kit... you might want to keep your mouth shut for just a second. :| Just... a wee.. second...

Skittles;; Their dad is the voice of reason. At least he's quite a bit more mellow cause yelling doesn't fix things :'3 And I'm glad you like the name OTZ.
I've been more interested in sims 2. Haven't played sims 3 but... when it came out, I was like NO CUSTOM CONTENT FOR IT YET, NOTHIN DOIN' and just haven't moved. Now I'm just invested and set up so I don't need to move. =u=
I am embarrassed by the name Kit has :| He was born years ago, when Sims 2 wasn't even out when I was really into anime and stuff :| Don't hate on his name... I just.. yeah... and I love their dad just because. XD I don't know why.

Banana ;; True... I wasn't even thinking that far about the punishment and such--but yes I do intend to touch on the psychological side for both Nana and Kit. >3 I do love my psychology.
Skittles ;; well you do a good job! XD I love your comments ;D But something tells me mama won't be as thrilled as you guys...
KIT, YOU ARE NOT GOOD AT THIS... (or too good at this ;D)

Skittles ;; pfft! You make me crack up XDD
Banana ;; ...very much so... it's incredibly awkward... I dunno whats worse when they throw a fit or when they just stand by and talk to you as if it's nothing...
Thanks 35 fans!
Uhoh. :| I see trouble...

tangyskittles ;; Because that sentence most definitely is dirty... >3
lil-emo-rose ;; shhh. It's supposed to be a surprise ;D
:| Well he doesn't waste any time.

Happy New Years guys!
December 30th, 2011
Kit, I don't see a box in your hands :I
December 28th, 2011
:| I don't trust that smile.
December 27th, 2011
I dunno Kit... You're border-lining sweet and creepy. :|

Thanks 28 fans! <3