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i hope i spoiled your shitty digimon comic, neroe
I never said he couldn't imply whatever he wanted. I didn't deny him the right to say what he wants. I just stated an opinion. Stop jumping to conclusions.

And I will not stop being a female sexual organ.
Zman, I don't like what you're implying.

At all.
I like the idea of colorless, but being grayscale makes me mad due to my own partial colorblindness. So mad that I want to punch a baby.

EDIT: Also, since there's only a limited number of colors in a grayscale, some stuff (like the sprites and BGs) might start blending in, which isn't a good thing.
May 12th, 2009
Didn't he say, liek two comics ago that he had to talk to his sister?
why is the second M capitalized in the title for "meme"?
I came.
All over the place.

EDIT: also, newfags, you may or may not have noticed that the height is, indeed, over 9000.
where's the light source on the pants :C
True dat.
Indeed. As much as I have an epic dislike for Jesus Lizard and SMF, I have to agree with JL. SMF, at this point you're just an annoyance. Grow up.

And for the sprite, I think you should add a bit more contrast on the quill's shading.
He's just a sensitive guy on the inside. <3

we have friends?
I think I figured out why Whip doesn't have chest hair. He hasn't hit puberty yet! I'M A FUCKING GENIUS.

Also, what's with the acid trip eyes.
Tirgo, if you wanna troll, do it right. God damn, none of you newfags can even troll right. <_<
This makes me wanna punch babies.
April 28th, 2009
They look like pants to me. :/
He doesn't care, it's outdated. That's like trying to comment on the ex'd out sprites. Comment on the new sprites, not old stuff.

Also, the shading on the pants contradicts the head shading.
He owned Agumon too.