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Living Rock
I was born, raised and currently live in Houston, Texas. When I'm not at work, I enjoy cycling, traveling, spending time with friends, and drawing.
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    J. Phillip
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wow, to look back at the earlier pages, my how things have changed.

-waves back-
Ah yes, the pain of computer crashes, I been there.

Spring is my favorite time of year. I've got in a couple of nice rides in already.

I like the position of her body in the 2nd panel, really seems floaty :)
Welcome back (waves). Looking forward to continue reading this story. Yeah for color. I typically prefer seeing color versus B&W.
The changes you made look good. It is much clearer who is saying what.
Congrats on coming in second place. My favorite number is 2.

Creative picture transition panels on the bottom, I like how the smoke lingering connects the last three panels. I got a little lost which person was saying what in the bottom center panels. Maybe word speech bubble tails coming from the speaker's direction would help. Also, I think you meant to use the word "thinks" versus "things" in the second to last speech bubble.
Oh, don't get down, get even! Not that I know how you would do that with pens...

Yeah for experimenting. Yeah for learning. Ooo, I see digital font on da pagey. Looks good.
Some of the top writing outside the speech bubbles was a little hard to read but I think they were said in a quieter, softer tone.

You're handwriting is a lot better than mine. I pretty much always use digital text with my comics, for me it is easier.
I like how you composed the top of the page, how Willow is waking up and you left the panel open. The guy's face who gives the warning looks really nice. And the page has a variety of different angles. Great job with the page.
Yes, that page you posted on photobucket is more balanced. Previously there was a lot of white space. I think you should go with the revised version with more color.
I was commenting on this page. It looks like he is getting nervous about meeting someone popular celebrity.
Congrats on your 100th page!
Page looks good.
Looks like they are in for an encounter with a star!
Ooo, I can almost taste the rainbow from the first panel.
Cute pokemon. I like how it is looking up in the 6th panel.

The bottom three panels have less color compared to the panels above them so it makes the page feel top-heavy/the bottom less finished. Not saying you need to fix it, but maybe something to consider on future pages.
Fancy drinks with umbrellas. I wanna taste one! 16 updates a month, wow, what an ambitious goal, at least in my eyes.
The film was great!
The film was great!
Oh no, a peeping tom.
Nice coloring job on the page.
Hope you have a nice time on your out of town trip.
Yeah that Gary is cooking his hand.

Good job on the image in the lower left corner of the person spying on them.
Congratulations on reaching page 100. Yeah, I know the challenges of night scenes, I much rather do daytime scenes.