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I draw for a lot of things, mostly nothing though. what? that wasn't my line? TOO BAD! it is now!!! mwahahahahah1!!! anyway i'm a nice guy, EXCEPT when certain people deserve my wrath. don't get on my dark side, it's not pretty. nor is my face though. :P
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    John Low
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I forgot to mention this is a WoW comic :P
whoops i missed the part where it's anonomous. ah well :P
Yeah, but 7A is as close to me as i can get. he probably won't show up for a while. And i got the portal from Valve's upcoming game PORTAL. It's gonna be SO AWESOME!!!! *drool* but i have a Dell XPS so it doesn't crash with me :P
i like this comic. great artwork, unique storyline! :D fav'd
DANE COOK REFERENCE! i love it :P btw, how do you get the transparent speech bubbles in photoshop??
Vrook's a douche bag!!! i hate him! :P
*sigh* you have to be a sore loser Nick, don'tcha?!
when i played KOTOR 1 (which i haven't finished), I started journeying on the water planet, then fancied my self a journey to Kashyyk. lost the CDs :'(
YOUR BACK!!! *does his happy dance*
Thanks to you, I'm back at playing KOTOR 2. thanks a lot asshole! :P
oyer should nuke that smart ass computer
i like it..... but there IS a mod by hunt that fixes most things, and there is that trick about using dont_buff_my_pylon 1 in the console that works well. that gets rid of the logo in the corner btw. also check out my two garry's mod comics, Steam: Let's Play and Day of Death, a WW 2 comic
I love this comic. Fav'd
ditto. this is an awesome comic
hahahahahah pwnt
phlegm cell reseach is underway guys...
i love the falling oyers :P
awesome! btw Chad, i'll have a comic for you soon.