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Out of everyone for him to meet, it has to be Benjamin.

Poor Arthur.
My glasses block out most of the sparkles (Thank god)
I can totally see Shiratori going ". . . . Yeah. Whatever."
It's a good thing Shiratori is wearing glasses, else he would be blinded.

It went Meow.
It's a kitten!
I think my teeth rotted.
It's so cute!
Everyone, to your battle stations!
You better be proud of that last panel! XDDDD
I like the faces you did for the second and third panel. They looks so cute~~
So pretty~~~~
I can't seem to take my eyes off the pillar to the side. I like the design on it.
Uh oh, foreshadowing.
Run for your liveeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!!
Ike, give him your cape, quick! Before someone decides to molest him!
Eggy! wonder what it'll hatch into?
I absolutely adore your Pokemon, by the way. So cute!
EDIT: My sentiments exactly, 'Daddy'!!!
OMG the flowers! Claire's so cute~~
I can't believe you drew the ship again. I would have killed myself trying to do that.
Pfft, not that good?! I beg to differ.
I'm loving your art right now.
Kahn is mad. Really mad. You can tell by the wavyish bubble and the tight handshake. At least, it looks tight from here. 8D This is awesome.
Atticus probably doesn't even know what moves Dragonthing uses.

Oh dear. This will be quite a show. Hahahahaha.
". . .And I've been your neighbor ever since we were born."

Oh my god, Atticus. You need to socialize some more. XDD No wonder his mom wanted him to travel.

And Professor Oak has currently been forgotten. Do you think I can keep the Bulbasaur now? Nobody's looking. >.>
Oh my god, it's been updated.

And a pretty girl falls from the sky. . . . Poor guy. Hit right in the face. And about to be crushed by a falling girl.
Oh god, I can't believe I thought Kai's summon was some sort of snake monster. Sorry.

But either way, it's very pretty. The new layouts very pretty too. Poor NB-san has to be in the middle of all this. Wonder if it's possible for him to start running for his life?

Your laptop crashed? Ugh, I hate when things like that happen. Especially when you need it. Well, at least you got it back. That's good.
Well, isn't it getting interesting? Hahaha. By the way, what is Kai's summon exactly? A huge snake or something else?
I find myself strangely drawn to the guy's shirt.


I seem to like this page very much. Though, I think it's due to the fact that I like seeing Chougami-kun scared. It makes me think of Tsuna, especially with the ヒー. Hahahaha.

EDIT: ajbfab I just realized that isn't his shirt. It's right on his body. Oh my god. XDDDD