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i used to be into anime, but ive always loved the comics on i started Blueberry Moonpie a very very long time ago, and a lot has changed even if i wish it hadnt. i want to try to finish this comic and have a few ideas for others, and im starting over from scratch.
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@zinnzinnluv: aw thanks! they are growing so fast too!
the (adorable) reason i missed my last two updates.
trying to practice getting pages out more quickly. sorry for the over use of the
sry, sry, i know its late! in my defense, graduating and starting my full time job is much more time consuming than i had anticipated....!
late again,,
sorry this is late. and not even inked. i did manage to graduate college over the weekend though!
@zinnzinnluv: i hope you do! they are weird to get used to but pretty cool too
for those of you who are wondering
in case my drawing abilities dont depict it well enough, yes that foxboy is nekked. 0//.//0
i realize i forgot to upload a page last week. between the holiday, finals coming up, and projects being due ive been a bit preoccupied. as always, ill make it up when i can.
@zinnzinnluv: awe thanks!! the program i use was cheap, but im 80% sure it crashed my computer. it still messes my screen up any time i use it so i would not say it was worth it. it was over $200 to get my computer fixed, and yeah like i said it is still very messed up.
i was considering getting photoshop elements. but that is still lk $100. the thing that helps me the most when i do pages on the computer(if you dont already have one) is a tablet. you draw right on the computer but its still like you have a pen and paper. it makes it way easier. i cant draw with a mouse very well at all. Mine is a bamboo its a good few years old and was lk $200 when i got it. you can get one for lk $50 bucks.
@zinnzinnluv: oh, and for inspiration i go back and read my favorite comics. seeing everyone else's amazing work makes me want to jump right in with them
@zinnzinnluv: Hai yourself! im honored that you left me a comment, thanks! ^.^
i get super lazy too and im a major procrastinator. i didnt think i would actually keep up with this comic at all, but what worked for me was giving myself a deadline. I srsly scribble out a whole page at lk midnight every sunday to get it up on monday morning. The other thing i do is let myself be lazy. if i dont feel like making a spectacular colored page, i just scribble out a hap-hazard one and ive found its actually getting easier to draw each page, the pages come out faster, and i think my drawing is getting better too. And even though i only have three followers(the rest are left over from years ago and have not logged on in years) i am still very motivated to not let them down. and now i will be even more motivated to not let you down either.
Good luck with your comic! if i can do it you can do it! and ill be looking forward to reading it and leaving you comments!!
No new page this week
ive been doing a lot of maintenance on the comic and drew chapter covers for both chapters so thats all im going to do for this week. sorry about adding pages in the middle of others i know how that messes with people when the last update on the home page isnt the latest page of the comic. i just had to fix a few things. anyways an official page will be up next week. Thanks!
so i realized im missing a page
page 17 is somehow missing? trying to fix.
hello again
I think i am going to pick mondays as my update days. that will give me the weekends to get the page done.
sorry its so late
with school starting, work getting crazy and my computer shutting down on me and losing all my work has put me a little.. ok a lot.. behind. but finally its done and hopefully ill stay on top of it from now on.
ive been hard at work! i have three pages drawn and scanned ready for finishing. i feel like im getting better with this program too. ^ ^ i think i have been so diligent lately because soon my favorite character will be entering and im excited to get to it!
im also super excited to have a new follower! Hello if you read this!
its been a while since i updated. sorry. ive been a bit busy. work is crazy. anyways, im actually fairly proud of of this page.
sorry i havnt updated. ive been a bit preoccupied. back on track now!
much better
Thats more like it! this one looks much better ^//^
yeah this is kind of sad. lol i need to figure out how to make these look like actual comic pages.