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A cross dressing alien from planet Betup. Stranded on earth after being warned several times by my parents to behave or they'd kick me out of our spaceship. I tried to behave I sware.

I like video games, animals, coke, most junk food, watching TV, reading comics and Anime. I hate bugs and cleaning and nuts.
My hobbies include Drawing, playing video games and Drawing.
Here is the first page of chapter four.Bet some of ya forgot this guy existed. Poor Ryson didn't get any page time last chapter.

Updates may take a little longer now, as my laptop is rather slow at the moment and doesn't allways agree whith the programs I use to make the pages. We have also been having random power outages due to a faulty powerpole somewhere in thje area so that really doesn't help seing as my laptop now only lasts 10 to 15 mins without power. tis getting lazy in its old age.
@The angel Ruler: thanks and don't worry I don't plann on ditching this anytime soon.
Finaly moving on to the fourth chapter. never thought I would manage to stick with something this long.
Finally done, this page took ages. It ended up getting to the point when I just wanted to get it done so I didn't have to work on it no more. but here it is finished at last.
@Up_Yours: They most certainly do :)
@The angel Ruler: thank glad you like XD
thought Axe could esily afford to shout everyone at the expensive place, he knows Zen hate having others pay for him.

sorry it took so long. had planned on finishing it earlier but I ended up spending half a day putting studs on a vest then the next day buying and assembling new shelves so I have room to store my dvds, comics and games. Then I had to clean and rearange the room to fit them.
Don't you have a bassist?
Zen: of course we do he is just.. ah.. buying a new guitar string. yeah thats it.

lol I bet Ross is going to come over just in time to screw up poor zen's efforts.
Nah we just like to hang around with tons of equipment. lol zen is such a smartass somethimes. XD
@Linn: damn you kebab place how dare you leave your peoples hungry. lol
Chapter 4 is on its way but till then here is the first page of a little filler skit. Took forever to colour hope to get next page started soon.
haha Ross is so funny.
Chest club Noooooooo!!
Love the way Zen was straight aways suss of Ross.
Oh the horror not his fave pick.
Zens like I'll tell ya what true pain is. poor Rei is prolly gonna have nightmares now. too much info for a 14 year old, I say. but thats what make Zen so awesome XD
@Linn: tis the only logical explaination XD
@Linn: there, there Marlic its okay you ask all the questions you need.
@The angel Ruler: Haha wish it was still winter here.
gotta love those answers. classic XD
makes you wounder if he was actually doing a servey at all though. maybe he just likes asking questions.
haha todd isn't very useful is he
I think it was the mention of vampires, shocked his hair dry. XD