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Drawing, band, music.
Well, I'm a student. College.
Um... What else is there to me.
I'm a girl, 20 at the moment. I draw too much. I have a few friends, one of them an artist who is awesome. Sadly I don't see her much anymore.
Vampires are the best creatures ever.
I want to live forever and never age after 23.
I have a husband. He's silly and keeps me sane, which is a difficult task for anyone but he does it on his own. He's awesome to manage the task.
That's about it.
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hehe. Paddle
I voted for you a bunch. :D
Plus, the livestream was great.
Your shadow.

Really good page. Really like the 2nd panel.
I'm curious as to what it is over his eye. Is it writing? Nice art, btw.
The second panel is adorable! I want something like that, but big!
Please update!!!! <3333
Angel blood? <3 Virgin seems a bit too strange. :P
Awh. How cute!!!!
I wanna touch his hair.
I'm sure he's going to get mauled with girls now.

Edit: Oh my. I'm the first comment. <3
Hi! I love this comic. I found it through your Deviant art and just kinda fell in love. Hehe. <3
I agree with Theaex. <3
I love this comic. Hehe. It's awesome.
Go go go go!!!
You can always use some sort of snarling noise. But, that may not capture it right.
Oh.... My.... *drolls*
Liana always looks cute, no matter how grim things are getting... It almost seems like a super power. Lol.
Love your art.
Very cute. :3
Kiss? <3 Please??
Kiss Kiss!!!
You do really well with water. I suck at it. >.<
I love her face. It's awesome!