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February 8th, 2009
Nope, haven't heard anything regarding the 6th book yet. I was hoping that perhaps you had and I would be able to rejoice. >_>

Love the last panel, by the way.
January 31st, 2009
o_O I'd have thought you'd already read the Temeraire series. Have you heard any news on the 6th book?

Great page, by the way. :D I've really been enjoying your comic, especially since you added color way back when.
October 19th, 2008
Ah, just was making sure that it was Firefox messing with me. :3

I really like how you've changed the comic from an occasional single color to full color. :D Can't wait til the next page!
October 17th, 2008
*wavewave* Heeeyo. I like the new layout, except on the front page I no longer see the option to go to the prologue instead of the regular comic. (In fact, I don't see a picture for that either...)

Is it just me? Or did that change? o_O

Love all the new Drakes and Draca though. :3
^^ I likies. Drake seems kinda like an angry kitty in the second panel. (Or atleast how my kitties look when they get angry or annoyed.)

Oh, and on the pups: The one seated seems more feminine. Partly due to posture, the other main reason is the patterning by the eyes. The softer curves there make the one seated seem more feminine. Does that make any sense?
For some odd reason, I really like Joan's eye in the third panel. And I like how you're doing the facial hair for Fitz's father.

And I am correcting my earlier comment on Fanime con. I will hopefully be cosplaying as Nekozawa from Ouran High School Host Club. My sis is going as a giant Beelzenef. Dunno if you're read the manga/watched the anime. But yeah, have Cerise give me a call on my cell phone, and maybe our groups can meet up for big events. (Masquerade and such since my group always stations someone out there and we're always within the first twenty or so people.) But yeah, look for the giant Cat hand puppet walking around next to the person in a black cloak with a regular version of the puppet. So, see ya there... hopefully.
Hey, first time commentor, reader since the beginning. I really like the way you've done shading and coloring on this page, as it has kept to it's mostly black and white color-scheme.

And FYI: I've met you before *wave* I'm the girl you met... two years ago I believe at Cerise's party, the one who was really into Hellsing at the time. Dunno if you remember or not. And I'm gonna be at Fanime, hopefully all four days, if not then the last three. So maybe I'll see you there? I'm not planning on cosplaying this year, but I'm curious as to what you're planning on "pseudo-cosplaying"?