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I'm an 19-year-old Irish girl, who loves reading, writing, anime and manga ^-^ I also enjoy drawing, but I'm not any good at it, I just doodle for fun. ^-^

(PS: The guys in my icon is my characters, Demitri Azurno and Chad Anderson XD For some reason I feel oblidged to use my OCs here instead of anime chars XD; )
Adorable page is ADORABUBBLE! <3
Aww, Atty and DT are the best :D (Bet Atticus is just gonna scoff that delicious Curly Wurly now, though... I blame him not!)

Great page! :D
Pffffff Oh Atticus! XD No dying on us now! The journey would kinda such without a main character XD
DT's expression in the last panel pretty mch sums up how I felt about that, HA! XD

Antoher brilliant page! <3
I really love Atticus' expression in the last panel; it's like there's a little piece of him that's disappointed, but he refuses to admit it XD

Amazing page! You draw the cutest Charmander in existance <3
November 17th, 2009
Hehe, aww, Riku seems like such an adorable character! :D
Lovely page! THis is looking really promising already XD
Run Riku run! :D
September 20th, 2009
Atty loks so cute in that top right panel, hehe! <3 I just love his view on training :D
Oh dear, someones gonna get frustrated with this hopping Pidgey XD

Great page! <3
Wow, I just adore this series so far! :D It's so different, so well drawn, and just so fun and cute! Absolutely love it and cant wait for more! :D
Haha! Oh wow, she really is amazing XD
Hee, I agree with Theorah, this is an interesting take on the whole superhero idea, really interesting! :D And quirky too ^-^
Uh oh, back off Jackie! You're too cute to get eliminated XD
Hehe! I just find this page ridiculous adorable for some reason XD It's only page three and I already love Jackies character! :D
September 16th, 2009
Oooo, angry Pikachu! D8
Great page, I love Pika's expressioins 83 Thanks for the update! :D
September 7th, 2009
rofl! Aww, poor Pikachu XD Really cute!
August 30th, 2009
Serious look! XD
Oh Voltorb, you're the best XD
Poor, poor Atticus XD
That's gonna leave a mark D8

Yay for lovely coloured pages! <3
Woo! a new page :D
And the middle panel is just awesome; love the BG ad smoke with the dark outline; looks great! As does that lovely dead hand XD
Great page! <3
Well, at least she got an awesome death scene :D Love it!
And gotta disagree with Dragonrose; the busier the page the more chilling his expression is. He's done this way too often XD
It's like where's Wally, only it's Psyducks butt! XD FOUND IT! 8D

Haha, congrats on reaching 100 favourites!
September 1st, 2008
ROFL! Oh hell, I can't stop laughing! XD Brillaint page!
September 1st, 2008
rofl! Ow wow, just a little awkward, haha XD
September 1st, 2008
rofl! Oh wow, this just keeps getting better and funnier! XD