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I'm an 19-year-old Irish girl, who loves reading, writing, anime and manga ^-^ I also enjoy drawing, but I'm not any good at it, I just doodle for fun. ^-^

(PS: The guys in my icon is my characters, Demitri Azurno and Chad Anderson XD For some reason I feel oblidged to use my OCs here instead of anime chars XD; )
Adorable page is ADORABUBBLE! <3
Aww, Atty and DT are the best :D (Bet Atticus is just gonna scoff that delicious Curly Wurly now, though... I blame him not!)

Great page! :D
Pffffff Oh Atticus! XD No dying on us now! The journey would kinda such without a main character XD
DT's expression in the last panel pretty mch sums up how I felt about that, HA! XD

Antoher brilliant page! <3
I really love Atticus' expression in the last panel; it's like there's a little piece of him that's disappointed, but he refuses to admit it XD

Amazing page! You draw the cutest Charmander in existance <3
November 17th, 2009
Hehe, aww, Riku seems like such an adorable character! :D
Lovely page! THis is looking really promising already XD
Run Riku run! :D
September 20th, 2009
Atty loks so cute in that top right panel, hehe! <3 I just love his view on training :D
Oh dear, someones gonna get frustrated with this hopping Pidgey XD

Great page! <3
Wow, I just adore this series so far! :D It's so different, so well drawn, and just so fun and cute! Absolutely love it and cant wait for more! :D
Haha! Oh wow, she really is amazing XD
Hee, I agree with Theorah, this is an interesting take on the whole superhero idea, really interesting! :D And quirky too ^-^
Uh oh, back off Jackie! You're too cute to get eliminated XD
Hehe! I just find this page ridiculous adorable for some reason XD It's only page three and I already love Jackies character! :D
Poor, poor Atticus XD
That's gonna leave a mark D8

Yay for lovely coloured pages! <3
Woo! a new page :D
And the middle panel is just awesome; love the BG ad smoke with the dark outline; looks great! As does that lovely dead hand XD
Great page! <3
Well, at least she got an awesome death scene :D Love it!
And gotta disagree with Dragonrose; the busier the page the more chilling his expression is. He's done this way too often XD