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Always go for the feeeet *chuckles insanely*
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Tommy looks cute when he is confused...

I have an odd feeling about this little conversation they had...
I love how Tommy is so sweet in a slightly violent way...

I want Tommy for myself, but then I think Dake would kick my ass... >__>;;
February 6th, 2010
Holy hell so sexy and fuckable UwU;;

He seriously looks like my friend just in your drawing style, kind of scaring actually when I first saw him @___@

I love this beyond belief. I'ma gorewhore so woot!

And I totally didnt know who was drawing this story until this page. I feel like an idiot since I'm obsessed. O3o
PFFT Crazy old men, you gotta love them!

Dake in the first panel is giving us a crotch shot. Made my night!
I just died a bit >___<;;

Why in hell would you throw a kid off a ledge?! Jesus he does NOT think does he?
Woot the special boy for not knowing a vehicle is!

Aww there acting so much like couple!
I have to admit I like Desta's face in the first panel...

RUN LITTLE F*CKER RUN!! XD He is cuuuute as a kid
Too cute!

Haha Tommy you perverted man. We all love you for it =]

Dake looks so cute though. I want him for myself!!
Grrr What a dick, little the poor boy starve. The chibi was cute even though it was getting thrown across the room...

I'm doing fanart!! Sooooo chyeah. Just a heads up =]
Is the doc Herz's brother?

I dont know I ish guessing XD...


I'm sorry but as a fanboy of this comic, I killed myself laughing!

Poor poor boy...... I've had that happen to me before by crazy fangirls DX< I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!

Dake looks sexy in the morning.

And I'm sorry but the is a fail from ''Tommy'' ...This isnt going to go well XD

Monday, run like frikking hell cause Clov-hun is going to kick your ass...

GOD My boyfriend found my Blotches in the same spot too... me and him remind me of Monday and Clover....


Ariel reminds me of my friend who actually cant talk...but he died his hair from black to white, but its still long!!

I love the last panel. Ariel is just loving this to much.
I'm sorry.... Sebby is so cute like that lol

Ariel is to curious, he is going to end up running around a poking random things with that....'poking' device? xD lol I'll shut up now
HO FRUIT! <---(trying not to swear)

I LOVE Ariel, so adorable. He looks so cute, I want to catch him and turn him into cute merboy sushi...

Arent gay boys adorable *does a fake but cute smile*
*holding a Dragonuv MG*

I say you update more...

You make my dark side cry when you dont *sniffles*
I love Ariel. So adorable...

I'm going to take the princes (Eric) place and get to have the lovely romantic story with Ariel *gets shot by sebastian knowing the plan would fail*
Oh wow....

wow wow wow wow...

A gay boy shouldnt look at this BEFORE work....