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I want to win the lottery. =)
new smexy peepos with long hair...
XD. i just love this character.
hahaha. oh, the last panel cracks me up.
nooooo.. donut looks soo sad. ^^
ooo. i like the name spade.
alrighty! can't wait for more.
oh snaps. ^^
Go Penelope!! Woot!
wow. book guy is truly a gentleman.
i really love how the gear for the club is an astronaut helmet. very cool.
he shooting stars out of his hands. woohoo.
thanks for posting up the music link. it's even lovely when listening to the album.
yeah this comic rocks. with every page i read, the color and story just gets better and cooler.
i love the colors here.
stupid billy! just you wait and see!