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Just hueving around.
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Hey guise D:
Thanks for reading and sorry for not updating lately X_X I just moved from NY to Texas and haven't been able to find time, I think once I settle in here I'll be able to continue with the story again.
Every time I hear about "My sister's keeper" i rageeeeeeeeeeee hahaha just joking xD I haven't watch the movie nor read the book cuz I don't want any influence from it over here.
The funny thing is that I didn't even knew that book exist until somebody else here mentioned to me.
Anyway whatever u think I don't care.
haha lol, yeah it was me xD.
I'll prepare a Chris chan character profile then... =p
Lol, the internets is such a interesting place isn't it? XD
Sonichu FTW
=o! I didn't know DREAM was making a collab manga =o! I wonder where the story is headed o.o hopefully I'll try to somehow put a character of mine in there x3.
sorrillo, puse el link de la otra version, ahora lo cambio.
pobre profesor como lo maltratan xD.
OoO! le regalaron mi manga a el hijo de naruto, me siento halagado! gracias por ponerlo! o///o
xD jaja esta leyendo hikari project xD
Finalmente he empezado con el capitulo 4. quiza me tarde un poco para las primeras paginas X_X estare de vacaciones por 1 semana.
=o! me gusto como adaptaste esos fragmentos del manga original a tu historia xD. sigue asi =p
=o sips, lo tengo desde hace ya un tiempo, te conozco?
Gracias por sus comentarios =3!
dare lo mejor de mi para crear mas paginas aunke puede que lo haga algo lento debido al trabajo y a las clases de universidad X_X.
Gracias amiga Neko xD tiempo sin verte.
that's something I noticed after finishing my page and I was like...OMFG....I hope readers don't notice it xD.
Thank you ^O^.
I'll upload more pages today at night =3
a vdd x3, nops alli no acaba, falta 1 pagina mas x3 ahora la subo
xD! hola! al fin por aca x3. Me paraba equivocando poniendo el link jajaja x3.
Ese dibujo no fue hecho con Manga studio.
Primero fue hecho a lapiz,luego lo scanie en photoshop en donde le oscureci las lineas y le quite el color gris para q solo quede Blanco/negro luego de eso lo exporte al Manga Studio en donde lo acomode al tamaƱo de mi pagina de manga.
x3. By the way I did added the page after Luz is going to Hikari's look looking all scary, is a page before this one =p.
Hi Ki!
Nice to see you here!! =D