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August 24th, 2018
+1 freedoms
*screaming in gratitude for this dialog*
And by "pick up something", I mean the underwear I left here last night.
This. Exactly this. I can weather so many storms, inside and out, if it means I can stay by my beloved's side.
So happy that even Anxiety-kun shut up. Nice ♡♡♡
Shut up, anxiety, nobody likes you.
April 8th, 2018
I'm getting Moana vibes.
That face is great. XD
July 29th, 2014
Aw, poor Kei. He's probably only self - conscious of his body because Moira bashes him for it. He's adorable. ♡
Good news: Cute baby
Bad news: Crack baby

I sure wouldn't want to be in the room for what happens next.
Hahaha that pamphlet. XDD

EDIT: Tommy in those glasses. Mmmf.
Fanservice? Us? Noooo, we'd never stoop so low. :}


Yes, yes, I know it's been awhile.

But all is well now, because WE HAVE RETURNED.

Better get used to seeing Malachi (pronouced mal-ack-eye) from behind a lot. Both of us are ass-women.

(c) Pencils, paneling, and Envy the Unicorn belong to ToemiRynguard.
(c) Ink, color, tweaks, text, and Malachi are mine.
(c) The story is ours.
That's right. Stick "sir" at the end of every sentence, and your respect levels get +15 XP

I know, I know, and I feel terrible. It has just been a crazy month, and between school and a baby there is just not as much free time to draw as I'd like. At least not if I want to get anything of good quality.

Anyways, enjoy the page.

For those who can't read it, the caption says "It must be noted early on that he only speaks broken Common (English), as it is his second language, so his words/sentences may be less than correct."

(c) Paneling and Envy belongs to Toemi
(c) Ink, color, text, tweaks, and the naked Elf are mine.
(c) Story is ours.
Whatever you thought was going to happen, it probably wasn't this.
My work here is done. :D

Trying out a colored-font experiment so readers can distinguish between generic/author comments and actual character thoughts. Might as well make use of it being a color comic, right?
Also experimenting with fonts in general; even though my handwriting blows (as you can see with the sound effects), I figured it was worth a shot to see if I could choose "softer" fonts.

Enjoy the spaz attack.
He really should have come with a warning sticker.

(c) Paneling, sketches, and Unicorn-Girl belong to Toemi
(c) Inks, tweaks, color, lines, text, and Naked Crazyface Elf are mine.
(c) Story is ours.
@Yumimarie: Honestly, my handwriting blows, and it's tricky to have Toemi do it in case something needs to be changed (we live in different states). I'll run it by her, though. It's not a bad idea. :)

And thanks for the compliments. We hope you enjoy the journey. ^.^
Because this page has it.
And whose bloody idea was it to make the setting a forest?
Oh, right. Mine.
Fuck ME.

Oh, and if the inking looks a bit different this time, Toemi did it while this comic was just in the dicking-around stage.

(c) Pencils (and this time, ink) Toemi
(c) Color is mine.
Page 2! Have some boobs.

In case it isn't clear, present time is in color and past/flashbacks are in greyscale. :3


(c) Lineart by Toemi
(c) Ink and color/shading by me
(c) Story by both of us
I can't believe it's over TT_TT
But man what a great ride! :)
@Nekokoneko: Sorry for the lateness of this reply. Akitana is very straight. He just missed his calling as an actor. XD