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Hi there! My name's Kitty, I'm 20 years old and am a Illustration Major in college. I draw comics on my spare time, and am currently working on one based off my moemon run. Please enjoy your time here~
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I knew it.
@purpleface: That's what I kept saying when I watched Sailor Moon! They paint their nails at the start of transformation, and then their outfits include gloves!
"I broke the comic style just for you, sweetheart~"
HNNNNG brothers
this is so sweet I love to see the soft side of their sibling quarels
can you say future cosplay?
I'm trying to figure out if that cat has
A) two tails
B) a big butt
or C) a ballsack

i also have no clue what the last word is. We'll go with humanflesh
Hey Atty, assuming you wouldn't have just been a couch potato, what kinda career would you have seen yourself in, in the future, had it not been for your fantastical pokemon journey?
Kitty Says
So um... THE SQUIRTLE WILL RETURN!!! For anyone who was curious.
That's all I really gotta say. The next couple pages are kinda jumpy in setting so bare with me until we get to the best parts of this chapter.
Wallis is such a dick.
Can I marry him?
And what a wonderful page to return on. Hope you guys didn't forget how violent Kierra was, CUZ SHE DI'INT!

If all goes well I'll have new pages till christmas
idk if I'll have a christmas special
let's find out in the FUTUREEEE
I know announcements are usually in a news post, but I know I hardly ever read news post (at least not right away), so I decided to attract your attention with chibis.

1: Like I said, the comic will begin updating again very soon. Some time between saturday and monday. Some things about the updates:
- There is no set schedule. I will post pages as I finish them. No more than one per day, but that doesn't mean there will be one every day.
- The updates will ONLY carry through until January 11th, when my school starts up again. After that, there will be no more updates until MAY. I'll repeat that near the end of the updates, so no crying about how there aren't any this coming semester. I warned you this time.
- I am striving to finish chapter two, and then not drag on further. Simply so I don't leave you hanging at a totally retarded moment, like I did last time.
- The comics will pick up ezactly where they left off.

One other thing, is that I've had a whole semester to work on my art, and there are some slight style changes. For one thing, Harry looks more like a cat (for some reason...) and his eyes PIERCE YOUR SOUL.
For another, all the pages will be flat color, so no shading.

Anyway, thanks for read, if you did, and I'll see you with the next update. Buh bai~
I wanted to make something better for this announcement BUT I'VE BEEN GETTING SO MANY COMMENTS IN THE LAST WEEK!
OMG, I'm on finals week. Give me one more week and I sweeeaaar I'll be updating again. I've mentioned it on my tumblr at least twice.

...Oh, I guess I need a quote from Harry too
"Kierraaa!! Everyone's staring at meee!"

PS: I really appreciate that all of you like my comic, I can't believe I got over 100 readers WHILE I WAS ON HIATUS. That is so incredibly lame of me. So I'm not at yelling at you, I'm just yelling. Cuz it's funny.
awe man even squares with faces love him
Kitty says
So somehow I didn't update friday, and its been a week and the update's finally here again. This may become a thing. Monday updates that is.

Anyway, the second scientist, as MrBullet said (love you for remembering him!) is Seymour the Scientist! From the 6th episode of the original anime series. He was my favorite character of the day. His place was originally just scripted as "other scientist." Making it him instead was a last minute decision.
Kitty says
If you know the name of the other scientist, then I LOVE YOU <3

@Animalfreak: Thats why cats are best pet.
Kitty says
So much greeen!
The cover page was really green too.

Please Read.
@TheProjectCore: Yeah they were. They're on the next pages. Which I explained how to get to. You should really read all of the words in the artist comments.
Kitty says
And finally, it's time for chapter twoooooo~~~~
And there's some sneak peaks at the new characters from this chapter, give a guess at what they are if you like!

I discovered drawing those arms on the children works well in comic, but the hands make no sense when you're trying to draw something detailed. OTL Sorry their hands look lie crap.

Responses to questions asked Harry can be found here:
(if you don't know how to get to the next page, it's the pink arrow on the left hand side of the screen)

I had a new banner made, but I didn't really like it >x>;;

see you guys later~
Kitty says
Name: Harry
Age: 7
Nature: Gentle
Species: Bulba(saur)
Likes: Food, sweets, playing outdoors
Dislikes: Spicy foods, fire
Quote: "I'll try to beat it's face in!" >m<;;

Feel free to ask Harry any questions on this page.


For responces to Kierra's questions, please click here:

Harry's answers will be posted up throughout the weekend on tumblr, and eventually the link will be posted here too, if you don't follow me there.