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empress blia
I am short. I am asian. I love reading, hiccups, jumping, laughing, being angry, and sleeping. Oh yeah. My hobbies are numerous. Just ask me! I bet we can be best friends. For ever. And ever... =)
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    Koblia Vue
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todd allison really needs to go out more often. ;-)
that hand is a masterpiece.
AMAZING- what will todd allison show us next?!! hes a mysterious creature he is...
todd has excellent timing. AWKWARD.
... that was weird. the hair clippy just-- flew away...
petunia what are you thinking climbing out that window?!
todd looks officially creeped out. lol.
what is she starting at?? hahaha. a lot of talking but she actually got nothing from him.
hahaha. REALLY? the look of disbelief on her face and his irritation. priceless.
precious! love their expressions. todd allison is a very strange creature-i mean, human.
oh dear.
camillo in a panic is full of surprises.
GAH! i love love love it! love your character profiles too. jing needs a new best friend.