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FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! then make out, WOO!
sorry about the long ass wait with no warning! my laptop got some serious viruses from smackjeeves but i'm such a stubborn bitch i refuse to stop getting on and i'll be continuing soon! just gotta go out and buy those damn ink pens so i can scan all these pages in and finish this bitch, woo!
i totally love how the banner says "a man's love story" instead of "a boy's love story"
cuz this epic is full of MANLY MEN

emphasis on the MANLY <3
mmmmm gotta love the cute manly men with chest hair and bishi sparkle eyes <333
oh my god, thank you everyone!! ;~;

and here is some smut to show you all my lurve!
awwwww, poor vacation being over so soon :<
haha, i'm sure everyone'll soon guess that i love redheads <3
i obviously need to work on my backgrounds, lolol
alot of shit happened in the two months i was rotting and i'm finally back on track, yo

aaaaaaaaaaaaand i figured i might as well spoil it for you that this is mystery helmet man unmasked! i shall take all hate comments nao <3
ooooh, girl! klaus has a NICE ass <3
have some free valentine lovin' from mystery helmet man <33
February 2nd, 2011
'D:' seems to be the most popular face around here, lol
that's totally one of my favorite books ever, lol xD
January 19th, 2011
fuck me for being a bad person :T
totally a MAN hug right thar
crashing computers are hell, dude. totally understand

and i fucking love you for loving G-Dragon <3
lmfao, holy shit, this cmic is BEAST
you seriously need to update before i smack a bitch -A-
haaaaa! sex changes are awesome xD
ho shit?! 03o
October 28th, 2009
yaaah...i was looking at pink and wondering if he got a tan...