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zomg! you sure do love em b00bies =3 so many things seem like they're about to happen! can't wait =DD
OMG I READ THIS. And it's so awesome. <33
SO CUTE!! You're awesome at this =DDD Especially the faces! Can't wait for more of the story xDD
hahah! awesome kick is awesome xD
HAHA lovely!! I'm here to talk xDD But you haven't updated in awhile *sniffles* will you be drawing more? Because they are just too adorable! I'd really love to read more to be honest ;A;
hahah i remember when this first happened to was gross actually. well the first few times anyway ~_~; and you bet i believe you! i don't think few guys could get that close (to whatever it is that they'd like to do to us) without having at least some charming bits in 'em xD and thank you for replying my rambling comment xDD
ok well this scene is perhaps one of my favourite one in the entire series. it's like they're soulmates or something. i love how he just leads her away without saying a word. but what about afro... D: so much mixed feelings >___<
hahah i wanted to finish reading this all in one go and leave commenting to the end but i just had to stop and say that i laughed ALOUD at striped orange socks's comment xDDDDDD

and yea, cliffy is hot as usual. i can taste the wash of desperate relief coming from poor penelope, upon spotting an ol' familiar figure.
btw i have to add...this is an astonishingly accurate depiction of the 'real-life situations'! i'm very impressed with your honesty. s'all :DDD
haha can i be honest...i'm not slutty! alright!? but if i was in this position i'd go 'HELL YEAH!!' that look on his face in the last panel, just before he does THAT just makes something burn in me.

*runs and hides*
well i think, we can't just judge based on this alone...there's bound to be more sides to afro than we know. like that raging temper he fell into a few pages ago. we just don't know yet =D I have faith in him...!
wow afro has quite a temper...!!!! i never knew........hmmmm.....
yea i really agree with eternalbeliever...she's a good girl, that penelope. good on her!
ok...i hope you're not annoyed that i'm commenting on every page O_O i just have so much thoughts...ehm well i love jigsaw and all, but she's really a little getting to me, because of her reliance on mackensie :( I really wish that she'll learn to grow stronger and just live for herself, to be honest!
nice comeback though
eh sorry to hijack knightey and ihatedogowners...i effing love the punk culture in germany! *ducks and hides*

she's being tickled almost violently haha! this page is full of win.
HAHAHA!! I'm sorry i have to swear..but WHAT THE HELL!!! ROFL.
's me above btw D: i was too excited to comment and forgot to log in *A*
September 24th, 2009
I can't believe afro is eyeing her butt D:< Well who can blame him. He's definitely a very male male awright >:3