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Not awkward at all.
Kindling, oh wow that line is perfection. Sass-king-extraordinaire!
Aw now the creepy things come. At least they were decent enough to let them finish.
This page is so beautiful and tragic. I'm conflicted on how I should feel right now.
@insipid-drivel: aw I cannot blame him either; drawing that would be so difficult. I think I need to get a Sidhe for myself, just to fix my hair failures.
Oh man, he did not seriously put flowers on everyone. This guy is hilarious.
Ok so that's adorable.
His eyes are so gorgeous.
I was going to say he just needed a hug but that did not work out too well...
This story is so fascinating. The blind Prince intrigues me very much.
@insipid-drivel: you're most welcome!

@Doublethickcustard: you're most welcome, thank you for fixing it. Goodluck on completing your transformation into super-man-cat!
page 24 and 25 are the same, I think there might have been a mistake made...
Those leaves are gorgeous.
your artwork is truly stunning, this story has me entranced. I'm so glad I found your work.
February 20th, 2015
his face in that last panel is the epitome of perfection!
Just started reading this and I'm in love.
We shall accept your apology in the form of additional pages... please?

this is a beautiful page.
your shading is immaculate. stunning work.
im so glad to see something from you, its been far too long.