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Sonicboy The Hedgehog
Don't even beg for me to come back. I won't.
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But this guy smoked us. AS TAILS
Nope. I am.
@Bre Ishurna the Wolf:

Sorry Bre, But You're Too Slow~

Sorry to say, but you just got smoked.
@Bre Ishurna the Wolf
But I liked 3D Blast. ;-;

Though I hated the Flicky collecting mechanic. That's why I have a hacked
version that removed them.
..........When Do we get the free food?!
Dropkicks? Yeesh.. I Hope not..
Gears Of War Thre- awww f***......
and talk gibberish. (according to M&L:SS))
Oh come on, It's not that bad..I mean really, It could be worse.
@Lugbzurg: Those are the "Alternative Nicknames" for them. Trust me, I'm much of a nerd to know that. *looking at Manual for a Pac-Man Arcade machine*
Cannot Unsee. Mind Blown. Error 404 asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbn *explodes*
Can't do anything with the sprites without permission...? Awww... I wanted to eat them. ;-;
At that Rate, Sanchez could of just robbed the place. *shot*
Pfff, I'm the meaning of Hopeless~ ;D
Hey, Cool! I have that Same Laptop!
@RandomNinjaGuy: Do you have an old N64 or Gamecube lying around?
Wanna know another Coincidence? All of Pinkie's Family are named after Pac-Man Ghosts.