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That was because of the Super Gen sprite I made. But I don't think it counts though.
.............Sounds about right. *nods*
@Ghost Fox: You're an uncle now. Bruce had two lovely daughters.
@mdg245: I only think you should because it goes well with the theme of the comic.
My Question
@Ghost: You know you're an uncle now, right?
@mdg245: Continue them. It fits so well.
I see what you did there.
After looking at the archive page, I realized what you did with the chapters.

Now I'm waiting to see if you're going to do it again next chapter or not. Just to see if you did it on purpose or by accident.
Well dang! If Ghost himself can return then I can too I guess.

But it's nice to see you again.
.................................................................Well I just don't know what to say.
I was going to update so you can have another page to chat on. But you guys started a new comic so that means I don't have to update. Lucky me.
Dang. I actually have to do stuff now. *sigh*
Well now. Time to get to work then. *starts making a comic schedule*
I didn't get fooled by comic name and banner switch, but I got fooled by the comic page instead............

I (temporarily) hate you now. That page made sense!
Turning Sonic into a girl just made him/her stronger. Feel his/her womanly wrath when he/she realize what happened.
I never fully paid attention until this page. The green eyes reminded me of something. erspective-20/

That page makes a little bit more sense to me now. He was talking about PAM. I knew PAM had green eyes, but I never put it together until now. I wished I figured it out sooner.
Char Char - A girl that abuses her power at the local park.
@yaoigal: Sorry about that. I was going to request one with you too, but I wasn't sure if I could make more than one request. So I just went with the Aphrodite one.

Oh and do you have a DeviantART account?
@Bruce the Hedgehound:
@AuraX: He's not in a relationship with a Goddess.

Would you say no to one?