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> this Kori Green<

I like many things but dislike alot more >D
Currently Im unemployed -kicks- haha sorry but i love to play more than work~
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    Kori Green
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yay for an update! Love the horsy >u<
lolZ What an intense face!
Love chicky too.<3
That sucks D: (oh but I like his shelf of knik-knacks c:)
omfg that must hurt. D:
LESSON: never stick your hand out infront of a creature with alot of teeth!
Awww *fetches a bandaid.<3
I'd go gay for JUUUN!! D: *is girl*

Ch-chakin pull yourself together man.
Nice Sion >v>

Love the way you do BGs!<3
waaaah Mr.PonPon! he looks soo cute<33 I guess Alin doesnt like him too much then *pats him* great page btw! >w<
lol birdie~ ^^ Juuust dont get it too mad, it might poop on you. >w>
Nice *0* Okay mmmmm... still no critique from me, but I really like how you drew the first panel and her jacket is cool. =D

keep it up miro x3
you draw buildings so pro man =D and dont worry the sky looks fine to me. Can't wait for more pages!
chakiin I want you as a freind D:

0_o Is it weird that I....may like his personality alittle more x'D
THis looks interesting ^^ I like the boy's cell lol I've never seen one so purple >w< Keep up the good work!
wow she's so shiny @_@
ah! I luve it!! That and that its blue^^