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Well I like mangas and kitties!
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oh noooo
I want to buy so bad... I hope you have it to buy sooonnn
ohh so now what they going to do, is he going to fight all the gaurds and take her away! ahhh
lol i seee what';s going on, he's just using her so the bi tch leave him be but it won't work, she'll try no matter what... she crazy
ohhh i hope you can poblish all the myth works at least! it be soo coll to own them all!
don't know why but I screamed at this page, I guess I'm so excited XD great oage. can't wait for more
1/6?? does that mean only 6 chapters or more depending on volumes?
eternal gift I say! I can't wait!!!
i do have a question why did he blab everything, why didn't r\he try lieing or something. i don't know i love this comic, don't get me wrong, but i feel like it's not how he react compared to the rest of the comic... i going to get hate mail now, i just know it
nnnoooo don't slap him!!! good page like always