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My name is Zaki Merchant Hughes. I am 23 years old and was born in Houston, Texas. At the age of seven, I moved to Saudi Arabia. After three years of living there, I returned to our home in the USA. I am living life to its fullest and I enjoy hanging out with my friends aside from playing video games.

Hook up sometime, later dudes.
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    Zaki Hughes
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After Months of Patience
A comic page to thank you all and hope you enjoy. We will try to get more GBN out for your viewing entertainment. ^^
Once again I do apologize. Things have been rather turbulent these past few months for both me and my artist. I will post an update on the situation, and please do expect new pages soon. Otherwise I do apologize for not delivering good content to you all.
Agreed with Dregan
Even though I am a part of the comic group, I take a neutral/"Nice" approach to reviewing.

@V.G.A: I read your comic, and the plot is lacking in order to be different. It's mostly flash without the substance. Even then the effects can get in the way to deliver a good qualitative comic to the masses.

Keep trying though. You are always more than welcome to re-review once you have the desired plot in place. :)
To those who submitted requests:
Yes we can review them. I shall put them on the list when I have time, but right now, University has the noose on my neck.
It is because of the following:

The overall score was to be an 8.5/10. However, I deducted 1.5 from it. The reason I did this is for various reasons, the most formidable reason is the fact that the comic does follow a predictable pattern that can hinder said comic.

Spontaneity is key they say. ^.^
Took care of the layout
Should now be nice and less eye bleeding. XD
Comic URL:

As for the background problem:

Thank god I still know my HTML/XML, someone forgot to add an extra F to #FFFFFF.

Until a proper bg is done, I don't think anyone wanted a black background bogging the text. XD
What's with the black background?
I like it.
Fits the carpet in the apartment nicely. ^.^
Other that not firing, of course. XD

But the fewer the better I say. Oh when is the old archive being cleansed?
It's alright
Still a lovely image for a placeholder! ^.^
Kain no longer has a human neck, but meh. XD
Very Well
It's all yours, Konna. :)
Allow me the honor
As the 300th review. :P
Added your comics, sorry for the inconvenience.
Thanks! I am trying to ask my artist to see if she can update with a page or two (since she is behind on schedule). Other than that, it is completely out of my hands.
Rest assured I am trying to keep GBN updated. Only problem is though is that my artist is very busy these days.
This kept me awake during a boring lecture.

Kudos! ^.^
Oh Dear....
Looks like me and mal might be the only ones updating. XD
Life is all about...
enjoying it as it goes and make something for yourself. Cheers if you silently leave, but just know it was an honor to read your reviews. ^.^