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Christian, novelist, a fun, crazy, unique, loving, person.
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Whoa! I am sooo hooked!!!! You got another fan...
I hope you feel better soon!
I caught up!!!

The time it was taking me to read all day, I thought I would never catch up, lol...

bad thing, now I have to wait for more.. <3

Great work, good luck with work search if you have not found something yet.. And love the name Pezz for the puppy! <3
I love the expressions and the mix of emotions...

I need to take a break now... Your work is keeping me from mine.. lol
*_* so beautiful!! <3

Love the comedy
YAY! Others see him!! Ghost??
YAY a kiss!! (lol almost wrote kill) _._

I like his spunk, and he not all the way bad.. I want to know his reasons..

Aww Kea you don't know a good thing when it is right in front of you... I would probably be the same way though..

Ps. Zoshi cowboy - hot!
Poor Kea,

bad Zoshi!

I feel for both...
KISS HER!!!!!!!!!!!!


Very sexy scene!
Zoshi <3

The coming out with it all seems a little rushed... I would have liked to see a little more of him as her room mate. But I still love it..

Also I want to see more on her flash back, I hope we will.. <3
September 4th, 2008
Who is publishing? You? Or was it picked up? I am happy for you either way! Congrats on the number of fans. Can't say you don't deserve it. Your work is one of the best I have ever seen online and off..