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I do enjoy drawing but comic art is something I have to get used to. It looks like fun and I've always been into comics so what I would like would be critique on anything. How the panels should be set, how the words should go, things like that!

I will mainly be focusing on comics based off role-plays I have done with friends just to practice the art of comic books and rarely do any original plot themes as I'm someone who puts too much focus into something like that and would refuse to post it until it was %100 done. I may do original ideas once in a while but for now it's role-plays. I'm also open to role-playing so if you want to role-play with me just send me a note. I'm not picky. :) Who knows, I might even make it a comic!

Of course I'm very respectful to other players and I would never just make a comic without making sure that was okay with my role-play partner and will always offer the co-author position to the respectful partner of the role-play as well! Keep in mind I like original character role-plays more than fan-verse. That's all. :3

I also have an account on Deviantart and critique there is welcomed too!
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@James: lol I figured it out. XD
Happy Thanksgiving by the way!
XD I like the introduction to the neighbors in this page!
November 14th, 2012
@Itaru-sama: Aaah, I noticed the question first then this! T'was backwards! And good! :D
That's a great mom! That's unconditional love and she treated being gay how it should be treated! Like it was normal! Because being gay is perfectly normal!
November 7th, 2012
Yay! Another post! Woo hoo! I like the little thumbnail of Deru! And Akimara! Yay! Did you put that because of my question or was this planned? lol
Keep your chin up! You'll find someone nice!

And as for feeling that your targeted audience is narrow, don't feel that way at all! People who support gays but are straight will love to read this!
Poor dear. I know exactly how she feels. :C
It pisses me off too! Sickening that someone can just declare love to be wrong and then hide behind a false God.
Good for her! I hope she finds someone nice soon!
D8< U suk.

XD But that had me going anyway because I didn't check the archive yet so good job. You got someone who is up at 4AM with an April Fools Joke on November 3rd. lol
Ichabod... that's the cutest name for a Ghastly... THE CUTEST!
Oak came a long way from stalking Locke through her window. lol

But yes~! This is one of my favorite Pokemon games if not THE number one favorite! I'm gonna enjoy this!x2!
That was enjoyable. But God-dammit! I keep reading what starts out as a humorous comic and then it turns into a sad one!
One last thing, does Locke have a character profile and how do you pronounce her name? I at first pronounced it "Lock" then by the end "Loh-kee" but I just don't know.
*reads again*
Whatever. ._.
*two seconds later, mind is blown*
That was... awesome....
I'd just like to ask one thing. Did you do a Let's Play of this? I'd love to see that as well if you did. XD
THIS GUY CREEPS ME OUT! I hate him. u_u
I dropped everything I was doing just to listen to that song while reading this. XD
No! Not Broseph! There's more character deaths in this than the last book of Harry Potter!
I loved the dang poster more than I love pie. If given the choice to have a whole pie to myself or read the poster again I would read the poster again.
XD "Girl Mode Activate/Deactivate" will be my new thing to say!
And aw, the ending made me :'C
N-nooooo! No! *sob* Why! WHY! I hate this challenge!