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My nick name is Julia (nickname Chou = Buttefly~!) I am bisexual; love manga, yaoi, yuri, hetro, and all genres in general. I am a writer, that really cant draw very well


So if anyone is interested in starting a story with me, contact me and I'll get back to you ASAP. ^^

In the works:
Suddenly I See
The Love Apartment
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I really don't know when we'll update :/

Both LeggoMyEdo and I are really busy with school and work. Maybe some day this thing will update, but for now it is on a hiatus. <3

If you want to keep up with me, I have a tumblr of, and I know LeggoMyEdo has a tumblr but if she wants to share it, that's up to her. <3 <3 xoxoxo
You're perfect!! And thank you <33333
This was a surprise to me! My Artist is sooo beautiful and precious, and mine!

Btw: Marshall is my fav character XD
Oh Marshall, I love you so much <3
I love Darius' reaction XD
@NightmareNatarii: Eee! I'm not alone then! NERDS UNITE! <3 <3 <3 And thank you, we've missed our fans!

@M-24: Why are you afraid to get excited? D:
And yes, I earn money, but it's random and so most of the time I'm poor cause I don't have a job >.<

@Aysan1: Yes we are! Double yai!

@Faery Goddyss: No no! I'm sure we'll never be done with this... xD;;

@pyromaniacquee: Nope We're definitely still here man!

@IEatTacosForDinner: ...I assume it's more Brittney Spears? lol

@Raichi: Thank you! We're glad for such a positive response!

@starlingfeathers: Well I'm glad that worked out for you! Haha. (*raises wand* MISCHIEF MANAGED)

@lit-emo-rose: Sorry! T.T We've been caught up in reality!
Hi guys~
I missed you!
So...incase if any of you are interested, here's what I've been up to since the last page >.<

-I was in a car accident and my car was totaled, leaving me carless T.T
-I finished my Junior year and am now a Senior!!!! WHEEEE
-I've gotten 2 wedding gigs and a funeral gig to sing at, earning me $350
-I'm planning a trip to Hocking Hill, OH for a Ancients!Hetalia cosplay (your's truly as Mama!/Ancient!Greece)
-Excited for school, and such to start. (Cause I'm a loser -_-)

Anddddd been addicted to tumblr. If anyone has a tumblr and ever wants to talk to me, mine is: =D

And on note of the page:

Awwwww, this is so cute! <3
I love you MyBlackLungs <3

But yeahhh, last Monday in the evening I was in a car accident. I'm alright, just a little soreness in my head/neck, but unfortunately my baby (car), Vash, isn't alright T.T He got totaled and I am so emo over his death.

But yes, anyone remember who Bryn was suppose to meet up with? XD
Come on top...keep coming up...
Lol, hi guys! Yeah, the April Fool's/Bday page is UNFF worthy! I hope you all liked it, and we shall push forward with the story! <3
Lol, so, this is a mix of a Happy Birthday Crack pairing you guys voted on FOREVER ago, and April Fools. Hope you guys enjoyed me and LME's Dream >D <3
Lol, and to answer some of your guys questions: Yes, I do sing/am a vocal major. I actually sing Operatic pieces, and so I love my class. Haha

And enjoy this smutty scene~
@Obvaious: Thank you >.< And thank you, they are painful <3

@PSA: Yeah, I have class every Saturday from around 10am-3:50pm

@ZombieKris: I'm glad it's worth it :D


@Seme: I knowww :3

@HaleyNicoleEllis: Yep, lol. I'm a Opera vocal major (well vocal major, but I focus on opera) And I am guessing you play the clarinet? lol. And YAY. I love Opera as wellll <3 <3

@Trassa: It was a small 1 day con called Animarathon. ^^

charminganime1092: It ISSS AMAZINGGGG. And hey, what you doin? XD

@systematic: Omg. I want your sister's class. xD

@Raichi: Yeahh XD And thanks! ;D

@sekichiku: Lonely indeed.

@jessica (Guest): :D ??

@Natashakiable18: I don't think sooo, more like studying opera's history, telling different composers from each other by listening to them, and learning etiquette. XD

@Forbidden_Requiem_ I'm not sure O:

@BlackFairyDust01: Thank you, we'll be updating soon ^^

@Korumi-chan*-*: Wait, why did you avoid this?? D:
I'm glad you like it though and decided to read it <3
Guess which bitch is busier than FUCK?
That's right, meeee!

Started a new Saturday class for half of the semester. It's called "Intro to Opera", it's from 10am-3:50pm and so far it's AMAZINGGGG

Feeling better and going to a con this weekend. Pulling out my "con hippie" outfit. Rotfl.

@Obvaious: I'm glad you started to read this as well :D

@Midnight_Luna: They are quite amazing, aren't they? ^^

@PervyJrocker: *pretends to know what you talk about*

@LeggoMyEdo: Hiiii :B

@Hyli_Tuben_Mechanic: DO ITTTT~

@X a k i: *again pretends to know what's being spoken about*

@Natashakiable18: Thank you ;D

@charmindanime1092: Awww, thanks babe <3

@Sychaar: YOU ARE CUTE ;B

@renchikolul: Yes lol

I read them all :B <3
Hi guysss
So, my week has been horrible.

Had the stomach flu from Saturday night to Wednesday and I'm just FINALLY starting to feel better. Never get sick. Never.

Anywhoo, there might be a contest coming up soon, so keep a look-out for it ;D
Oh Toni~
You stud you ;D
(God I've missed doing this xD)

@Faery Goddyss: You f-f-forgot T.T *sniff sniff* lol, jk xD Thank you for the welcome back~!

@Blackrainfall: Oh baby ;D

@Jazeki: Thank you dear :D <3

@Guest: Yessss >;D

@X a k i: Lol I assume to LME XD

@Skittlemonkey: Thank you dear for the offer ^^

@Natashakiable18: I don't know....DO they like it? >D

@planetseason: Thank you ^^

@Kiiouex: Yesyesyes, comment~! <3

@nacchan: Thank you dear :D

@Farcehorde: Oh, dreamed, eh? *waggles eyebrows* Was I in that dream? *winks* xD

@Raichi: I Yes! We are! Lol and yes, Toni is a silly character in general xDD

Yaoi-san and Minty-chan: Lol, I don't know who to talk to.....soooooo Yaoi-san, thank you for the welcome back, and you'll find out why he didn't do that ^^. Minty-chan, thank you as well, and COOKIES o.o <3